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10 Lessons Grey’s Anatomy Has Taught Us

Debuting its thirteenth season on Thursday, September 22nd, Grey’s Anatomy will always be a show remembered for the cries, laughs, and learning experiences the audience receives from the show. If you’ve watched the show and all of its seasons, you know what I’m talking about and you agree with me! If you do not watch Grey’s, you’re missing out and you should begin watching season one on Netflix… Like NOW! However, listed below are 10 lessons we’ve learned from our favorite characters for the past 13 years.

  1. Sometimes you just need to dance it out. 

  2. Everybody needs a person. 

  3. Bad things happen. It’s okay.

  4. Your mistakes don’t define you. 

  5. If you love someone, tell them. No matter what. 

  6. A promise is a promise. 

  7. Elevators are awkward. Avoid them. 

  8. You’ll find love in unexpected places. 

  9. Never give up on yourself or your dream. 

  10. Don’t keep secrets.
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