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Thrifting has recently been in trend with the growing awareness that sustainable fashion is the way to go. Fast fashions have fallen out of favor with Gen Zs given their destructive impacts on the environment. Yet, we are also in the phase of solidifying our identities, and sometimes that is done by exploring our styles! So, if you’re in the hunt for new clothes, styles and fashions, but don’t want to contribute to the environmental damage, here is a list of second-hand shops you can check out! 

  1. SSVP Shop
  • Location: Aljunied MRT
  • Features: Higher quality items and many expats usually frequent here. They sell items from clothes to ceramic items like teapots and bowls, to handbags with embroidered beads. 
  • Price: They have slightly higher prices but they are not as expensive as curated vintage stores. 
  • Opening hours: 10am to 4pm, except on Mondays and Public Holidays 
  1. F-five Thrift 
  • Location: near Bugis MRT at 43 Arab Street 
  • Features: Hoodies, sweatshirts, oversized vintage tees and have a mix of curated vintage and thrifted items. When I last visited them, they had a giveaway, where if you purchased items above a certain price you would get a free shirt. For those of you looking for outerwear that have the 1990s vibe, this is the place to be. 
  • Price: They have cheap deals, but also some higher end products as it is vintage clothes.
  • Opening hours: 1pm to 9pm
  1. Superwasted by vintagewknd 
  • Location: 16 Haji Lane 
  • Features: Pretty prints, corset tops, hoodies and vintage clothes. This is more curated for girls! 
  • Price: On the higher end as they are vintage pieces or remakes. 
  • Opening hours: 12pm to 9pm, Tuesday to Sunday
  1. Lucky Plaza 
  • Location: Near Orchard MRT 
  • Features: Almost everything! They have many stores here, such as ThriftingSG, Thrift Apparel, LPB Thrifts, Lucky Thrifty and more. 
  • Price: Usually on the lower end. When I visited there, I could get dresses for as low as $5 and they were still in good condition! However, I do find their places a little more dusty and not as well curated as the stores listed earlier. 
  • Opening hours: Varies, but the latest store closes at 7pm. The best time to thrift would be from lunch time! 
  1. Queenstown Shopping Centre 
  • Location: Queenstown
  • Features: Daisiesyard, Daisiepasie, Honsieponsie and Nightingalethrift
    • Daisiesyard: Expect to find whatever is in trend to be there! They feature aesthetics like cottagecore, fairycore and Y2K. 
    • Daisiepasie: They have more classy items like gowns, bags and shoes, so if you’re sourcing sustainable means of finding your prom outfit, here is the place to be!
    • Honsieponsie: They carry a lot of menswear and have curate vintage goods. They are generally pricier but the quality of the items are high. 
    • Nightingalethrift: You can find almost anything here, and that of good quality! They have a lot of expat donations, and the prices are considered affordable and a good deal considering their quality and brand 

Take a look around and delve into the realm of shopping! Here’s to saving the earth while looking pretty! 

Special credits to S, my thrifting specialist friend who helped me with this guide.

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The embodiment of a "material gworl" but with no money, if she isn't complaining about capitalism, the economy or the patriarchy, you can find Emmy in the aisles of a clothing store, ironically selling her soul to the corporations she often critiques.