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Where To Find Bras For Small Chested Women

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nanyang Tech chapter.

As someone who belongs to the AA to A cup range, feeling un-feminine, un-sexy is a reality. While I know that my self worth is not tied to my body, I still constantly struggle with body image issues. Even looking at online bra shops and the models on online bra sites can be discouraging, knowing that it would never look like that on me, or it would never fit me. 

However, it was only when I started to shop for my own bras and started to experiment with different bra shapes and/or types, that I realized finding the right bra really does wonders for your self confidence and helps to manage those body image issues. So here is my list of which brands have the best bras for small chested girls! 

1. Cotton On 

  • Price: The average price is around $25, which is quite reasonable for a bras in Singapore. 
  • Quality: Their material is always so soft and comfortable. 
  • Shape: I think triangle bras are more suited for small chested girls! Additionally, they have underwired and non wired bras which provides that range for how comfortable you like your bras to be and for what occasions etc. They also have strapless bras. 
  • Cup range: 8A is the smallest (converts to 30A). Their XXS size is around size 30A.
  • Recommendations: Currently, the Smoothing Triangle Bralette has been really comfortable! It is $24.99 and available instore and online. 

2. Shein 

  • Price: Their bras are on the cheaper side, with prices ranging $10 to $16.
  • Quality: Comfortable, though not the best.
  • Shape: Triangle bras again! They have wired and non wired versions, and even lace options! It’s a wide range so you can take your pick. 
  • Cup range: Their XXS size is about a size 30AA. 
  • Recommendations: Their Light Support Breathable Lightweight Solid Bra is really comfortable! Alternatively, simply doing a search for “Triangle bralette/bra” will lead you to products of similar silhouette and size range. 
  • More Recommendations: Their swimwear is surprisingly flattering and fitting on small-chested girls as well! My recommendation is Bikinx Lace Up High Cut Bikini Swimsuit. Their XS is about a size 30A. 
  • Something to note: Shein is a brand that does not support sustainability. If you are environmentally-conscious, then perhaps this is not for you. Additionally, because they are an online brand, their bras cannot be tried on before buying, so do keep this in mind!

3. Young Hearts

Young Hearts is a local brand that provides training bras for girls just hitting puberty. This means that they also usually carry smaller sizes! However, in recent years, I have noticed that they have gone for the more ‘regular’ range. If you are on the ‘larger’ end of the spectrum in the A cup range, perhaps this brand is for you!

  • Price: Their price range is  $11.90 to $36.90 according to their current collection! 
  • Quality: Not the best, though it depends on the bra.
  • Shape: They have triangle, multiway, T-Shirt etc, which is a really wide range! Most of their bras are push-ups however, which means the padding is on the larger/wider side and more structured, which might not be the most comfortable to wear. 
  • Cup Rrange: 32A is their smallest size. 
  • Recommendations: The ones I bought were from a few years back as the brand doesn’t really suit me. However, you can check out their website and their products; maybe they will be perfect for you! 

4. H&M

  • Price: The average price is about $20. 
  • Quality: Comfortable as most of them are made of cotton, and they have non-padded options as well. 
  • Shape: They have a variety of shapes, from triangle bralettes, to strapless bras etc. 
  • Cup range: Their smallest size is 65A, which is a size 30A. 
  • Recommendations:  Have yet to try them myself, but another writer on our team, Vedika, recommends H&M bras for their non-wired lace bras since some brands often make small-chested bras ‘childish’ or plain. With their comfortable and non-itchy lace bras, everyone can feel sexy! You can always check their products in-store or check out their website

With these recommendations, I encourage you to explore different shapes and types, and find what fits best for your body! Feeling comfortable in your skin is a wonderful feeling that everyone should experience, and sometimes even the smallest thing like finding the right bra that fits can be your lottery ticket!

Emmy Kwan

Nanyang Tech '25

The embodiment of a "material gworl" but with no money, if she isn't complaining about capitalism, the economy or the patriarchy, you can find Emmy in the aisles of a clothing store, ironically selling her soul to the corporations she often critiques.