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We tested Biore’s newest sunscreen and micellar wipes – here’s why you need them, stat.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nanyang Tech chapter.

Not to be that person, but a lil skincare goes a tremendous way. Especially as students, we’re on years-long hunts for the most budget-friendly yet best-performing products that can care for our skin in minimal time, and Bioré’s are definite forerunners. 

So, we’ve tried out Bioré’s newest launches to check out the hype, namely their Micellar Water Cleansing Sheets, and a new and improved UV Aqua Rich Light Up Essence, with fine pearl particles for that extra glow – no primer or foundation necessary. 

And spoiler alert: we know you’ll love them too.

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Bioré Micellar Water Cleansing Sheets
Biore x HCnanyangtech image assets micellar wipes
Photo by Kao Singapore (Bioré)

I totally get it: you get home, exhausted by your two three-hour seminars and all you want to do is to faceplant on your welcoming bed till sunrise (or, let’s be realistic, a little after noon). But what if I told you that you can clear your skin of makeup and grime in less than three minutes?

Introducing Bioré Micellar Water Cleansing Sheets that promises to quickly and effectively draw makeup from your skin. If you aren’t familiar with skincare jargon, here’s the lowdown: micellar water is an almost magical solution that comprises micelles, particles that attract oil and impurities on the surface of your skin, leaving it clean and toned.

Its Magnet Sheet Technology, much like its name, attracts and holds onto makeup particles (foundation, blush and yes, waterproof mascara flakes) so it doesn’t transfer back onto your skin, making makeup removal fast and easy. What’s more, these large, soft sheets glide over your skin gently to prevent irritation for us folks with sensitive skin, without having to retrieve a new piece every three swipes.

Here is my in-depth review of these cleansing sheets!

Upon first pulling out the sheet, I noticed it was much larger than I was used to! I only ended up using half the area (front and back) for my entire face, so if you want to lessen waste or save money, you definitely can cut it into half and still have plenty left for each use. For reference, I only had on concealer, blush, very waterproof eyeliner and mascara and a liquid lipstick.

The sheets were SO soft! The whole experience in general was a very enjoyable and refreshing one. I know of several others that were too soapy/bubbly, too dry or too rough, but this one definitely isn’t one of them.

The concealer and blush on my cheeks and temples came off really easily, in a single swipe, which the  Magnet Sheet Technology promised. When I went back a second time, none came off. If you’re a heavy foundation user, though, twice should be more than sufficient. Likewise, the micellar water sheet removed the liquid lipstick (I use KVD Beauty’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick formula) very easily, and it usually doesn’t budge even after a meal!

Perhaps it’s the waterproof formula of my mascara (I use Clio’s Kill Lash Superproof Mascara), but it did require a bit more effort to remove. To solve this, simply press the wipe to your lashes firmly for a few seconds and wiggle – even stubborn waterproof mascaras should start flaking off.

Scent-wise, it has a very mild and pleasant soapy scent that didn’t put me off at all.

Biore x HCnanyangtech micellar makeup wipes before
Original photo by Nicole Ng


Biore x HCnanyangtech micellar water after
Original photo by Nicole Ng


I was very pleasantly surprised by the result though: half a sheet left my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed and hydrated, with zero oily or sticky residue. No tightness or redness in my dry skin either! I should also note that despite being ultra-soft (I seriously cannot get enough of these, I look forward to makeup removal now), they also leave my face feeling softer and smoother when I wash it. My guess is that the material gently buffs away dead skin although it wasn’t advertised as such.

I think this is the perfect university dorm companion too; do we really want to transfer our makeup removers into a smaller bottle and risk spillage in our bags? These micellar cleansing sheets are our heaven-sent, mess-free yet equally effective alternative.

Want to try them out for yourself? Bioré Micellar Water Cleansing Sheets retail in packs of 7 or 32 sheets at selected Watsons, Guardian, NTUC FairPrice, Don Don Donki and Welcia BHG outlets, from $3.90.

Bioré UV Light Up Essence
Biore x HCnanyangtech Image assets UV light up essence
Photo by Kao Singapore (Bioré)

As a skincare and makeup junkie that has tried out great sunscreens from brands spanning Anessa, COSRX, HadaLabo, Avene, The Face Shop, Kose and even previous versions of Bioré’s, I have to admit that not many launches get me excited anymore. 

But Bioré UV Aqua Rich Light Up Essence (SPF 50+, PA++++), the newest addition to the famed UV Aqua Rich lineup, had me HYPED. 

Here’s what the new formula boasts: Aside from protecting the skin from ageing sun rays, the microfine pearl powder delivers a dewy, luminous effect with no added shine, leaving your skin glowy and protected in one simple step. 

As if that isn’t enough, this lightweight, gel formula also features an anti-pollution function to defend the skin against irritating natural elements and fine dust. The result? A do-it-all sunscreen and makeup base hybrid that leaves you with radiant, protected skin that is hydrated, thanks to prized ingredients like royal jelly and hyaluronic acid.

Sounds too good to be true? Scroll to read my review!

This sunscreen is not unlike the others in the Aqua Rich series, with a watery, gel texture that applies weightlessly to skin. It leaves your skin cooler and more moisturized, before disappearing into a very natural, satin finish ready for your other base makeup.

If you struggle with a dull complexion commonly found in sleep-deprived students, this one helps with brightening (to a subtle yet noticeable extent) your skin too! It did make my skin look more ‘alive’ and radiant as promised, and kind of acts like an illuminating primer but with the SPF factor for all you lazy beauties out there. I was expecting a ghostly white cast that I know many Korean ‘brightening’ products offer, which 90% of the time result in an off-putting ashy look for darker skin, but the product disappears fast and naturally into your skin (for reference I’m a NARS Custard or MAC NC25). It doesn’t have any coverage at all though, which means you still do have to follow up with your regular concealer or foundation.

My skin usually reacts to new products via annoying breakouts, but this one must have a mild formula because there was no itchiness or redness at all. I’ll let the unedited photo speak for itself!

Biore x HCnanyangtech uv light up essence review
Original photo by Nicole Ng

Left: applied, Right: bare skin

Even with the unapplied side tilted towards the light source, you can tell that the applied side is comparatively more radiant, and less tired-looking.

Whether you’re low-maintenance when it comes to beauty, with sunscreen as your only product of choice, or like the full beat, I can honestly say that this is a safe bet for any budget.

Bioré UV Aqua Rich Light Up Essence is available at selected Watsons, Guardian, Don Don Donki and Welcia BHG outlets for $19.90.

Nicole Ng

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