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Team Talk: Kelsie

In today's Team Talk, we chat with Kelsie Tan, Her Campus (HC) Nanyang Tech's Editor-in-Chief. Read on to find out more about her!


Hi Kelsie! Please introduce yourself and your role in HC Nanyang Tech.

Hi everyone, my name is Kelsie and I am currently a third-year student majoring in English at Nanyang Technological University (NTU)! Back in September 2019, I gathered a few friends to start the NTU chapter of Her Campus, which coincidentally happens to be Singapore's first chapter. Apart from managing the Executive Team, I also assist the Senior Editor with editing incoming articles, and ensure that these articles make it up to our site well and good!

Let's find out more about you, Kelsie. When you're having a bad day, what helps to turn it around?

Usually, sleep and rest will do the trick. I feel like bad days usually become such because we don't feel up to facing the world on some days. So, ensuring that oneself is well-awake and ready to deal with whatever comes is very important! Sleep is underrated as a remedy, it really does help one feel better.

What are some dreams you had as a child that you are still pursuing now?

As a child, I've always enjoyed a good story, and felt like I wanted to be surrounded with them forever. You could leave me in a public library for a whole day and I'd be pretty happy. Movies were amazing for me too. The stories left me with things to entertain myself with (in my own head) when reality wasn't quite happening enough. So, I guess getting to read lots of literature and watch lots of films as part of my degree today is a continuation of something I've loved since young.

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Which non-princess Disney character do you identify with?

Can I say Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove?

What are some bad habits you have that you would like to work on? 

I think being focused on one task at a time is one. I have the attention span of a goldfish (or so I've been told), so I tend to jump from one thing to another after a few minutes. Need to work on that one definitely, because that makes me a nightmare at remembering important things ("When did you say your birthday was again?"). Another one would be not exercising, even though I have plenty of time to do so. No excuses! I start today! Or do I?

If you weren’t in your current major, what else would you have pursued at university?

Environmental Studies! I've always wanted a job working with nature. But it is reassuring to know that the values between studying Literature and the Environment are pretty similar in that both involve careful observation and an appreciation for beauty in the world. So, I feel that, to some extent, in studying Literature I continue to hone ways of looking at life that can translate to the study of nature as well.

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How do you pass the time when you are commuting on public transport?

I listen to audiobooks! And look outside at the passing view. You get an impressionistic take on life, seeing things pass by in a flash. Sometimes when you pass by nature areas you get a glimpse of huge birds, and when you pass by those HDB blocks that face the tracks you get to look at what people hang outside their windows (sometimes it's pretty fancy stuff). It's a better view than people playing phone games or stoning methinks.

What is your favourite thing to geek out about?

Is it weird if I say food discounts? Eatigo is my best friend.


You can follow Kelsie on Instagram @kameracels! Do stay tuned for the next Team Talk where we will be introducing Giselle Lim, HC Nanyang Tech's Senior Editor.