Make Sir David Attenborough Proud This Valentine’s Day

Sustainability is slowly making headlines around the world right now, with Biden placing the USA back in the Paris Agreement and the Singapore parliament’s recent declaration of global warming as a climate emergency. But come Valentine’s Day - boxes of chocolate, bunches of flowers, and festivals of balloons, masses of gifts are churned out every year for this commercial holiday, leading to heaps of wrappers and boxes getting thrown out and harming our environment in various ways.  How about trying to be our Earth’s saving grace by spending an environmentally conscious Valentine’s Day with your partner, friends, and family instead? Here are some sustainable options to get started with channelling your inner environmentalist this Valentine’s Day. 

  1. 1. Say no to wrapping paper

    stack of newspapers

    Deforestation is prevalent, and billions of trees bid their farewells every year. But fret not —  If you still require wrapping paper, say hello to these alternatives.

    Alternatives - handkerchiefs, newspaper, fabric

    Gift with style by utilizing fabric found at home! Wrap your chocolates in handkerchiefs to double up your gift, or use newspaper as an alternative for wrapping paper - it works the same way.

  2. 2. Pouches

    phone with recycling symbols and bags

    Pouches are a great way to store your gifts, making it the perfect reusable accessory. Double up your gift this Valentine by popping it in a pouch! Creatives can attempt to embroider the name of their loved one on the pouch to make it extra special - hopefully this will score you more points. 

  3. 3. Re-use your cards

    pink postcard

    To all the poets and writers out there, here’s something special for you. Instead of buying a new card for your partner every year, pen down your passion on one card, and one card only. You might have to write your words a little smaller or invest in a huge card. Either way, writing on the same card every year helps rekindle the romance by reminding you of old memories. Wink. 

    Who knows, you might even be able to write a love song. (Taylor Swift! Your assistance is required.)

  4. 4. Appreciate local parks and nature reserves

    rain forest park

    There’s a park for you no matter where you reside in Singapore. 

    Be in the loop with budding nature enthusiasts right here in our Little Red Dot by visiting these gorgeous parks. Equipment needed: Hiking shoes, a hat, comfortable attire, mosquito repellent (you don’t want to be kissed by them), water.


    Central - Hindhede Nature Park

    Located next to its famous sibling, the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, the Hindhede Nature Park is the hidden gem of the central area. Take a romantic stroll along the trekking path, and spot the lovely birds that call the park their home. 

    Getting there

    By MRT: Beauty World station

    By bus: 67, 75, 170, 171, 184, 852, 961, 961C 

    Jalan Anak Bukit Road, opposite Beauty World Centre (Bus stop ID: 42109) 


    North - Sembawang Hot Spring Park

    Fancy a dip? Be transported to the land of the rising sun at the Sembawang Hot Spring Park! Before soaking your feet, admire the fruit trees and edible plants at the park’s new Floral Walk. However tempting it might be to pick a flower for your beloved, don’t. Preserve the flora. 

    Getting there

    By bus:  167, 167e, 800, 811(A), 856, 858(A), 859, 969, 980

    Sembawang Road (Blk 114 Yishun Ring Road, Bus stop ID: 57129)


    South - Kent Ridge Park 

    Marvel at the rich biodiversity of Kent Ridge Park. The park houses a Canopy Walk (linked to HortPark), which is perfect for a leisure romantic stroll. You can also take Insta-worthy photographs with your partner and share about Singapore’s greenery. 

    Getting there

    By MRT: Kent Ridge station


    East - Tampines Eco Green 

    This is a treat for all you easties. Enjoy nature’s best by walking hand in hand amongst open grasslands, freshwater wetlands and a secondary rainforest - channel vibes from The Sound of Music, the hills are alive! Keep a lookout for structures adorning the park, and see what recyclable materials they are made out of. 

    Getting there

    By MRT: Tampines station


    West - Jurong Central Park 

    Journey to the west and have a go at a life-sized snakes and ladders playground! Nature-loving couples can also check out the various species of aquatic plants, wildlife, and insects (notably dragonflies) at the ponds located around the park.

    Getting there

    By MRT: Boon Lay station

  5. 5. Have a Troy and Gabriella-esque picnic at the The Green Roof

    kite flying with sea landscape

    With the rainy season out of the way, get your strawberries ready and sprawl a mat over the grass. You can even try your hand at kite flying if the wind is to your favour! Enjoy scenic views of Singapore’s skyline with your date at the top of the Marina Barrage and watch the sunset on the horizon.

    Getting there

    By MRT: Bayfront station

  6. 6. Home-bodies

    jenga game and wine

    Whip up a nice meal and spend a quiet evening with your partner at home. Pick out a board game and start playing! This simplistic romantic evening provides some extra bonding time, away from the hustle and bustle that’s happening outside.

There you have it! Sustainability is not as daunting as it may seem. Make Sir Attenborough proud by embarking on your sustainable journey this Valentine’s Day. 

“An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfilment.” - Sir David Attenborough

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