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Interesting Plants and Where To Find Them

Like many, I once brought home a succulent believing that it would ease my journey into being a plant parent - but it ended up not doing too well. I had absolutely no idea on how to care for it. Fortunately, as time passed, my success in gardening and caring for house plants grew. I am now a proud plant parent of the ever-aesthetic monstera deliciosa, several syngoniums, and the easy-going money plant! 

However, something in my gut tells me that there has to be more than just the regular green string of pearls hanging down my windowsill. Don’t get me wrong - they’re absolutely gorgeous. But if you’re just like me, perhaps you’d be interested in getting more plant children to spice up your room and plant-parenting life!

Fortunately for you, I’ve taken the time to compile this list of interesting plants to consider and where you can find them!

Miniature Jade Plant from Thenursery.sg

Portulacaria afra Variegata, also known as the miniature jade plant, is a cute little, eye catching succulent shrub. With its pink leaves, the plant looks like a mini tree with pink flowers. The miniature jade plant has recently gained popularity in the household as a replacement for the actual jade plant, as it is considered to activate financial energies because their leaves resemble jade coins or stones. 

You can buy this unique-looking plant at thenursery.sg! The shop is run by two brothers, an engineer and data analyst who started the shop after a lifetime of watching their parents tend to their own plant shop. And with the miniature jade plant at only $28 at their shop in Lavender, this unique shrub could be beautifying the spaces of your room in no time.

Variegated Arrowhead Vine from Raymond’s Alcove

Variegation is unique and hard to come by. This gorgeous plant native to tropical America boasts arrow-shaped leaves, marbling varying shades of green with pure white, and sometimes even with yellow patches. I have one myself and its beauty is absolutely to die for. Owning this plant is definitely a privilege, especially at such an affordable price. This plant goes for only $20-$25 at Raymond’s despite its popularity and beauty. 

They’re also pretty easy to care for. I water my plant once a week. I know, this sounds too good to be true. Just look at how beautiful the leaves are!

Sansevieria Boncel Mini from Littlebotany

The Sansevieria Boncel Mini only grows up to 10cm and is very easy to keep in your room. All it needs is some potting soil, a tiny pot, and you’re good to go! It really does not take up much space. Aside from being cute and easy to care for, it is also a natural air freshener. (P.S. This was proven by NASA in a study!) So why buy an expensive machine when you can purchase a slice of Mother Nature for less than $10? 

This plant can be found at Littlebotany, located in a gorgeous little corner of Punggol’s Social Innovation Park. One notable aspect about Littlebotany is the fact that almost everything there is reused or biodegradable! From the paper bags that carry your new plants home and donated nursery pots to the metal supports that hold their shelters up so that you can shop in comfort. The effort that The Littlebotany has put into being sustainable is incredibly commendable. So if you’re looking to support more green initiatives, remember to head on down to Punggol to get your cute air fresheners.

The Mini Aloe, Haworthia Obtusa from Succulent Succulents

Although not actually an Aloe plant, Haworthias are closely related to the famous Aloes. What makes this succulent especially interesting are the mini windows at the very top of its leaves. Under sunlight, the tips of the leaves become translucent! Definitely a sight for sore eyes each day. 

It’s rather unfortunate that I don’t own this plant yet, but I definitely hope to someday.

You can find this unique plant at Succulent Succulents! Just like thenursery.sg, Succulent Succulents is a family-run business. The owner, Sam, as well as his parents, are incredibly friendly and helpful, often going out of their way to make sure that their customers know how to care for their plants and ensuring that their customers have a lovely time in their shop. Succulent succulents sells their plants at really cheap prices and with such a welcoming environment, you should definitely head down to their store in Paya Lebar to take a look at this unique plant!

Tillandsia Ionantha Druid from Atillyaday

This air plant is especially known for its beautiful flowers. When blooming, their leaves turn bright yellow, bearing white flowers. This beauty is another plant that is especially easy to care for in Singapore, because of our sunny weather and lovely winds that provide the plant with enough sunlight and air circulation! At only $6, this is definitely a catch.

They can be found at Atillyaday, a quaint little shop located at Waterway Point and T-Space. Not only do they sell easy-to-care houseplants, they also provide guided hands on terrarium-building programs. So if you’re looking to buy this incredibly unique air plant and learn more about terrariums, you should definitely head down to Atillyaday!

As my plant collection grows, so does my love for the hobby. If you’ve always been on the fence about getting your first plant, I hope that this list was of assistance. What are you waiting for? Join me in becoming a plant mom today!

Siti Ayeeshah Zaki

Nanyang Tech '21

Ayeeshah is an undergraduate at NTU. She enjoys writing, exploring, and learning new things. Check out her website and Instagram below! ✨
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