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This article is part of a giveaway in partnership with Stay Wicked candles.

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Stay Wicked is a local candle creator handcrafting soy wax candles with a unique flower pattern on its candles -- we don’t mean imprints, there is an entire moulded block of a flower (how cool is that!).  Our team definitely swooned over photos of Stay Wicked’s candles before reaching out to partner with them, and we received one each of the Rose Bouquet and Lavender Field scent to sample.

The palm-sized candles make good first impressions with a simple but effective label, and the packaging clearly shows that it is made to be a gift. The candle is portable and lightweight, housed in a simple tin with a lid that stays on even after some jostling. The unique rose-shaped centre that distinguishes Stay Wicked’s candles can be seen through a clear plastic window in its metal lid. The Rose Bouquet candle is pastel pink while the Lavender Field is a pale purple, which are very pleasing and calming to look at.

Lifting the Rose Bouquet candle lid reveals a gentle floral scent which is subtle and sweet, so it feels natural as though it were real flowers before you. Similarly, the Lavender Field candle releases its scent once you open the lid. The scent is more herbal than flowery, so this may appeal to those who don’t particularly enjoy sweet scents. The scents fade slightly when the candle is burning. But upon blowing out the candle, the scent returns and is strongest when you allow a pool of melted, liquid wax to accumulate in the candle. The Rose Bouquet candle being reviewed had a scatter of tiny dried flowers embedded just on its surface. 

However, we faced some issues when lighting up the candle with a lighter or match: the candle had to be held sideways or upside down when lighting it up. Wick trimming should be kept to a minimum to prevent the candle from going out by itself due to the extra wax from the rose.

We recommend this candle for beginners to candles as well as for gifting, perfect for this Christmas season! With a 10 to 15 hours burn time at 2.5oz, it’s not too much of a commitment for those who want more than a tea light for a realistic candle experience but are unsure if they’d like to commit to a full three-wick candle. How the candles are packaged and how they look are also very appealing as a gift. At the same time, you can support local creators in their craft -- what’s not to love?

Stay Wicked has a few scent collections lined up for next year and are planning to collaborate with other local businesses for exclusive lines in 2021 so look out for updates on their socials! Place an order here!

Zinc Tan

Nanyang Tech '21

Zinc (she/her) is a Sociology undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University and the Senior Editor for HC Nanyang Tech. During her free time, you can find her drinking tea, sewing, or watching films (and often commenting on them). A proud intersectional feminist, she has a passion for creating discourse on inclusivity.
Giselle Lim

Nanyang Tech '21

giselle is an undergraduate at nanyang technological university reading english literature, with a second major in art history. she finds joy in meaningful conversations and happy coincidences. she is trying to be the best person she can be :)
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