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Fashionable Basics For The Everyday University Student

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nanyang Tech chapter.

Deciding what pieces to bring to hall? Looking to get some closet essentials? The key to finding great basics is not only to get clothes that go with everything, but also pieces that are versatile to get the most bang for your buck while also reducing waste. Here are some everyday fashionable basics you can incorporate into your university wardrobe!

Comfortable walking shoes

NTU’s hilly roads and mountains of stairs make a good pair of comfortable shoes an absolute necessity. While it is convenient to throw on some slides, those aren’t built for walking. Trust me, your feet and ankles will thank you for the extra support. 

I personally prefer a pair of sneakers. Want more options than your trusty pair of sneakers? Try other variations of flat shoes, such as espadrilles, loafers or ballet flats to match the mood of your outfit.

Classic white shirt

If you watch styling videos or read fashion articles online, chances are that you’ve seen the ‘white shirt’ being presented as the ultimate fashion staple and we’re not arguing against that. However, choosing the right fit and material of your shirt is essential to upgrading your look.

The fit: A looser fit offers you the option of wearing it casually with denim shorts while also providing enough structure that it can be worn formally for a presentation. It can also be worn as outerwear!

The Material: This plays a huge role in making your outfit look different, depending on the vibe you’re going for. Stiffer, natural materials like cotton will give you a boxier, more structured and expensive look, while flowy materials like polyesters help make your outfit look more casual or romantic.

Welling-fitting pants

Getting the perfect pair of pants that fit your curves can make or break an outfit. While the hunt for one can certainly take a while, when you find the one, it is honestly like love at first sight. 

Similar to the white shirt, a looser fit and structure can be dressed up or down. Wide-leg pants are the perfect in-between, offering you enough room to stay comfortable and still looking put together. It also sits high, cinching in your waist and also elongating your legs, flattering every body shape.

Versatile dress

Dresses, or one-pieces in general, are a great and easy way to look put together without having to do too much. Just throw it on and you’re out the door! Plus, dresses can also be worn as tops/bottoms, giving you multiple pieces in one. 

A wrap dress is great as it flatters all body types. The v-neck has a deeper cut, exposing slightly more of your neck and upper chest (depending on how deep the cut goes). This elongates your neck and shortens your face visually. Its fit-and-flare cutting also accentuates your waistline and enhances your curves.


Sometimes all you need to completely change up the mood of your outfit is a few pieces of jewellery, and perhaps an accessory. To complement a simpler monochrome outfit, juxtapose it by wearing heavier-looking, chunky jewellery in the form of a thicker chain necklace, large earrings or multiple rings. On the other hand, if you’re already wearing a patterned or textured top/ bottom, pare it down to more delicate styles of jewellery instead. 

It’s important not to overdo it, though! If you’re unsure, step back from the mirror and have another look. Is one part of the body too overwhelmed, and is another too ‘empty’? Then, add and remove your accessories respectively.

Credits to Nicole Ng for contributing to the article

Laura Lee

Nanyang Tech '23

Laura is a Public Policy and Global Affairs undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Outside of class, she sings and hangs out with her three cats!