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Best Finds in Don Don Donki $10 and Under

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nanyang Tech chapter.

As someone who loves Japanese food and drinks, it is without a doubt that you will be able to find me in the aisles of Don Don Donki looking at the different and latest products adorning the shelves. Even if I do not have anything specific to buy in mind, as if on auto pilot, my legs will start moving and I find myself wandering in Don Don Donki. Moreoften than not, such mindless trips to the store end up with me buying several items even if it was not my intention. As  an avid shopper or window-shopper at Don Don Donki, here are my favorite finds that are $10 and under! (Disclaimer: Given that I live in the West of Singapore, all the items recommended here are from JEM.)


  1. Frozen Pork Tonkatsu 

While most would think about the mouthwatering ready roasted sweet potatoes, I would argue that the best find from the ready-to-eat or frozen section would be their frozen tonkatsu! Going for an affordable $10 for 3 loin pork tonkatsu pieces, each pork loin is coated with a good amount of bread crumbs, without the tonkatsu bread being dense. Instead it lends it the perfect crunch with every bite! In addition to the juicy pork loin, this pork tonkatsu is sure to satisfy any fried food cravings, which my whole family can attest to. The only downside to this, as the word frozen suggests, is that it still involves a decent amount of cooking given that it has to be either pan-fried or deep-fried to attain that perfect morsel. If you are someone who dislikes cooking or, like me, cleaning up the mess, you might want to give this a miss.

  1. Takoyaki

Going for $5.90 for 8 decent sized takoyaki balls, this ready-to-eat deliciousness is much more affordable compared to some of the takoyaki stalls out there. Each ball is filled with a good amount of octopus as well as cabbage which the latter gives the creamy insides a nice crunch! Topped with a generous helping of japanese mayonnaise, okonomiyaki sauce and umami bonito flakes, this meal is sure to fill you up. 

  1. Jonetsu Kakaku Furika 

Do you have a bowl of leftover rice sitting in the fridge and not sure what to do with it? The Jonetsu Kakaku Furika is here to save the day! Going for $2.50 per 30g, this Japanese staple comes in 5 savory flavors – Bonito, Seaweed & Egg, Wasabi, Salmon, Vegetable and Spicy Cod Roe. Just reheat your rice over the stove or in the microwave, sprinkle the furika on the top and viola you have the perfect meal. Pair it with some simple side dishes and/or some miso soup and you have a satisfying meal! 


  1. Afternoon Tea

As someone who loves sweetened tea, the 1500ml sized straight and lemon tea by the brand Afternoon Tea is a staple in my fridge. On a hot and sunny day, a tall glass of iced this refreshing drink is sure to relieve some heat and quench your thirst! In fact the taste is so addictive you might find yourself downing the entire bottle within just a few days. Priced at $5.90 per bottle, having this huge stash in your fridge is sure to bring you some comfort during a scorching day!

  1. Jonetsu Kakaku Craftsmen’s Coffee Sugar-Free

Anyone who knows me knows that I live off coffee to get things done. While I do have instant coffee sachets at home, and there is nothing special about the taste, this 1500ml bottle of sugarless coffee is something I buy occasionally. This is especially the case during hectic periods such as exam week where I do not feel like waiting for the water to boil in order to make my instant coffee. Moreover, given that it goes for $3.90 per bottle, it is something I am willing to spend on to save that few extra minutes. For those who need  sugar in their coffee, there are many different brands in Don Don Donki that do sell the 1500ml version of it. In other words there is something for everyone!

  1. Suntory Horoyi Shochu with Soda

If you are reading this article, chances are you are probably of drinking age (well at least in Singapore). Though Japan is known for their sake, their fruit flavored alcoholic beverages are just as popular amongst youngsters. With staple flavors such as Grape, Umeshu to more seasonal drinks such as Yuzu Lemonade and Cherry Rose just to name a few, you are definitely spoiled for choices! Grab your now at $3.90 per can today!

Confectionary (Snacks/ Desserts/Candy)

  1. Bourbon Rich Chocolate Potato Chips

Though this snack might not be the most affordable given that it goes for $4.50 for a small 40g serving of chocolate covered chips, its addictive taste and crunch makes it an irresistible buy for many. The delightful contrast between the sweet chocolate coating with the savory potato chip makes it an indulgent treat! Moreover with two flavors in one, this snack is perfect for those who are unable to decide between a sweet or savory snack! Giving you the best of both worlds!

  1. Uha Cororo Gummy

If you are like me and have a huge sweet tooth, it is with no doubt you would have seen the colorful packaging of the Uha Cororo Gummies when venturing into the confectionery aisle of the store. While looks might be deceiving in certain cases, it definitely does not apply for these gummies! Coming in a variety of flavors – muscat shine, kyoho grapes, peach and many more – they are made with 100% fruit juice! However if you are not a fan of fruit flavored candies, fret not there are also cola and ramune soda versions of these gummies. A packet of these gummies retails for $2.50, however at the point of writing, they are selling 3 packets for $6.90 which means that you save $0.60 off per packet. What are you waiting for? 

  1. Monteur Frozen Roll Cake (Chocolate. Strawberry/ Milk)

Going for $9.90 for 5 rolls, the monteur frozen roll cake is popular amongst returning customers. The spongy and fluffy cake accompanied by the light and airy cream in the middle makes it the perfect sweet afternoon tea dessert that is not heavy on the stomach. Paired with a nice cup of iced coffee, this combination is sure to send your taste buds to heaven!

  1. Mikawaya Seika Rice cracker 

If you are not a fan of anything sweet, the seafood flavored rice cracker might be for you! At $7.90 per bag, the umainess of the crackers along with the crunchy outerier makes it the perfect snack! In fact you might find yourself reaching the bottom of the bag within one seating if you are planning to eat the snack straight from the packing all while binging on your favorite shows!

It is impossible for me to list all my favorite foods and drinks from Don Don Donki in one article. These are some of the many things that I personally love from the Japanese supermarket itself. I hope you do give them a try and find something new that might make your day!

Lee Ann Foo

Nanyang Tech '22

A Year 4 English Literature and Art History student, Lee Ann relies on black coffee as well as listening to crime podcasts to finish assignments. On a really bad day, she can drink up to 4 cups of iced black coffee.