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When you just begin to be sexually active, it can be a scary experience. This is especially when you have no clue about the  kinds of contraceptives there are, and you are overwhelmed due to the lack of knowledge and constant anxiety about an unwanted pregnancy. The most common contraceptive that was introduced to us in MOE-verified sex educaiton was condoms, but there are many options out there that you can explore, depending on what you’re comfortable with. Contraception and responsibility for safe sex is a two-way street. Both men and women should take steps in understanding how to practice safe sex and enjoy sex without worries! 

Before we dive into the different types of contraceptives available, the app Ease has been highly recommended as a safe and discreet app for contraceptives, UTI tests and more! They conduct  surveys and online consultations for emergency purchases, and can deliver to your doorstep on the same day you have your consultation. Their customer service is fantastic as their delivery drivers will note your delivery preference (eg: on the doorstep, are you comfortable with your family receiving the package etc.) Furthermore, the app’s interface is easy to navigate, and their prices are about the market price. Do note that the prices listed for the various contraceptives are based on their prices. 

  1. Plan B 

A morning-after pill, PLan B is an emergency contraception that can help prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex. Plan B pills should not be used as regular contraceptives and should only be taken in the case of emergencies. 

  • Name: Postinor 
  • Price: $45 
  • Consultation: Required. The consultation is for the doctor to ensure you have no pre-existing health conditions that could cause medical concerns and to explain the side effects of the pill. 
  • Instructions: To be taken within 72 hours of intercourse. Don’t take it any later because it wouldn’t be effective!
  • Side effects: Heavier or delayed period for the cycle after; nausea; lower stomach pain; fatigue; headache; dizziness; breast tenderness. If the effects persist, do see a doctor.
  • Effectiveness: This pill delays the release of the egg, and is about 87% effective
  1. Birth Control patch 

These are especially convenient for those of you who forget to take your pills! 

  • Name: Evra Patch 
  • Price: From $56/pack 
  • Consultation?: Required.
  • Instructions: To paste on the abdomen, back or butt area. It follows a 4 week cycle, with 3 Patch weeks and 1 Patch-free week. You can start on your period, but will need to be consistent. During your first cycle, the birth control patch would not be effective in the first week, so do still use condoms. Thereafter, you can engage in sex without condoms. 
  • Side effects: Skin irritation; nausea; abdominal pain; menstrual pain; mood swings etc. You can find the full list of effects here
  • Effectiveness: 99% effective

Both -the pill and patch after – about the same. They are just different in their forms and usage frequencies. For example, the pills will need to be taken every day, whereas the patches just need to be put on once a week. 

The Ease App is not just limited to female contraception recommendations. They have consultations for UTI treatment; Yeast Infection treatment; Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment; Menstrual Health Consult; Sexual Health Consult and Birth Control Consult. All consults are $20 as stated on the app. After selecting your consultation time slot, you will be prompted to fill in a survey. Subsequently, the AI will set up a Google Meet for you, or a customer service officer will reach out with you to book a consultation. After which, there will be a 10 to 15 minute run through of questions with the doctor and an explanation of the possible side effects. 

Unfortunately, on Ease, their contraceptive products only include Birth Control Pills, Control Patches and Plan B. Other contraceptives like shots, vaginal rings and female condoms are unavailable and hence not listed in this article.With that said, do check it out if you really need to and educate yourself on these methods even if you are not sexually active! Hopefully this guide gave you a little insight on female contraception, and if need be, a referent when the occasion arises! 

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