7 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Longer Comfortably Under Your Mask

The ongoing pandemic has interrupted our daily lives in uncountable ways, and if you’re a beauty/makeup enthusiast like we are, you’ve probably experienced even more smudging of your base makeup than usual under your mask from Singapore’s sweltering heat and humidity. If you’re a makeup newbie struggling to adapt to the new norm and find it difficult to make your makeup last or feel comfortable under a mask, here are some of our favourite ways to make it easier!

  1. 1. Prep your skin first!

    According to makeup artist Scott Barnes, having a good canvas is your best bet for long-lasting perfection. Before putting on any makeup, don’t skimp on the cleansing or toning as it rebalances skin moisture levels. Excess oil causes smudging while dry skin results in your base makeup clinging to those patches. In Singapore’s humid climate, we recommend a simple morning routine of cleansing, toning, and/or a lightweight moisturiser instead of a rich one, so your makeup doesn’t slide off mid-day due to excess moisture.

  2. 2. Mattify your lipstick with powder

    Does your favourite lipstick slide around and smudge on your mask? If it isn’t already in a matte formula (which tends to last longer), try placing one ply of tissue over your lipstick, and using a brush, apply a dusting of translucent powder. Blot, and voila, you have a DIY matte lip!

  3. 3. Thin out thick foundation with moisturiser

    We all love our trusty foundation for covering up uneven skin tones and the odd blemish, but the combination of Singapore’s sweltering heat and the stifling mask can cause discomfort and even ‘maskne’ (acne caused by masks)! Switch out your foundation with a breathable tinted moisturiser, or mix in a little moisturiser to your foundation to sheer it out for a buildable base with custom coverage. 

    If you must, choose a matte formula (look out for keywords such as “matte”, or ingredients such as minerals and clays that help absorb excess oil and keep shine at bay), which tends to be more long-wearing and smudge less. For a glowy look that lasts, try layering a highlighter on top of your foundation.

  4. 4. Spray your foundation brush with setting spray before using foundation

    Using setting spray to prolong the longevity of your foundation is a common step in beauty routines, but did you know using it before your foundation helps it last even longer? It acts as a barrier between the sweat and sebum from your face and the rest of your makeup, so it won’t slide off throughout the day. Spray your makeup brush or sponge with setting spray and apply a thin layer to your face before layering foundation over it for long-lasting coverage!

  5. 5. Baking

    A practice originating from drag queens that require their makeup to last under the heat from the stage lights and perspiration during their performances, it has been adopted to be used in our daily lives. Here’s how to do it:

    1) After applying foundation, use a damp makeup sponge to dab on a visible layer of powder where your makeup creases throughout the day.

    2) Continue with your eye or lip makeup to allow the bottom-most layer of powder to “melt” with the warmth and fix onto your skin. 

    3) Then, use a dry brush to dust off the excess powder for a bulletproof base.

    However, this tip may not be advisable for individuals with dry skin as “baking” can dry it out further. Instead, try out a different tip, only concentrate on oily spots, or moisturise thoroughly before getting ready.

  6. 6. Experiment with your powder products instead of cream formulas

    Many of us swear by cream products for that coveted dewy look, but while looking healthy and radiant is great, powders definitely last longer and are more smudge-proof than creams. Bust out your powder blushes, bronzers, and highlighters in your makeup drawer and experiment with them for a new look! This way, you can ensure long-lasting makeup while making the best use of all your makeup.

  7. 7. Avoid foundation on the inner part of the face and spot conceal instead

    Since the most friction (and hence smudging) happens in the middle portion of your face where the mask touches your skin, avoid putting heavy layers of foundation in the area. Instead, opt for spot correcting with a concealer that has a matte finish that’ll hide the blemish, reduce smudging, and feel more comfortable under the mask as compared to foundation. For extra longevity, press powder on top of the spot to set it.