6 Hands-on Date Ideas to Rekindle the Love

With the pandemic separating us from our loved ones, the passion you had with your partner may have fizzled out over the gruelling lockdown months. On top of that, the demanding examination preparations have probably tired you out. So what better way to spend the start of the holidays with your significant other (or even your friends) than to find that spark again through hands-on and active date ideas? Not only will you be moulding a healthier relationship with your partner, it’s also a much-needed stress reliever from all the hard work you’ve put in the last few months. Here are some creative and active date ideas to add to your to-do list with your boo!

  1. 1. Terrarium Workshop

    If you’re looking to start an urban jungle in your home, terrariums are perfect for a green thumb newbie. These low-maintenance greens are self-sustaining and require little to no watering. Get your hands dirty with your significant other and learn the art of layering and accessorising your very own zen garden. With covid measures still in place, remember to book an appointment in advance to ensure a spot! 

    Where: Make Your Own

    Price: $38/pax

  2. 2. Pottery

    You can’t deny, pottery can be a very sensual art form, which makes it the perfect activity for you and your partner. Tailored for couples, try your shot on the spinning wheels at the Arudio Studio. These trial workshops will teach you the basic techniques of centering clay on the wheels in 3 hours. Create your own mugs or vases with all materials provided including firing and glazing of your artworks. Sign up for a trial online to book a session with your boo.

    Where: Arudio Studio 

    Price: $65/pax

  3. 3. Candle Making

    They say certain scents are aphrodisiacs so why not create your own together with you significant other? Learn the art of pairing and blending scents together to create your own signature fragrance in a soy candle. These workshops are 1.5 hours long and are held on Fridays and Saturdays with food and refreshments included. Covid guidelines are followed with a maximum of 10 participants for each session, so make an advanced booking to save yourself a seat!

    Where: To Be Calm Fragrances 

    Price: $65/pax

  4. 4. Art Jamming

    Manifest your inner Picasso at a therapeutic art jamming session! These art studios are created to let loose and embrace your creativity. You don’t need to have prior art experience as these spaces are meant for anyone who wants to try their hands at painting. With all materials provided, these jam session range from $25 to $35 for 2.5 hours, depending on the peak period and if you choose to have an unguided or guided session. Book a session 2 days in advance to guarantee a spot for you and your partner. 

    Where: Artify Studio

    Price: $25-$35/pax

  5. 5. Mini Golf

    Spice up your romance with a competitive game of mini-golf! Ditch the traditional golf courses and have a ball of a time at Holey Moley’s creatively designed labyrinth holes. Each hole is bound to blow you away with their pop-culture inspired sets from Game of Thrones to The Wizard of Oz. Besides being a psychedelic playground, Holey Moley also serves up scrumptious food and drinks at The Caddyshack Bar. Sessions are priced according to the number of holes you choose to play. Depending on the time, 9 holes can range from $12 to $20 per person, so it’s best to visit during their non-peak hours to save on cash!

    Where: Holey Moley 

    Price: $12-$20 for 9 holes/pax 

  6. 6. Indoor Trampoline

    Sweat it out with your boo at an indoor trampoline park! Trampoline parks are a great way to relieve your stress and burn some calories while having fun at the same time. Practice your acrobatic stunts and even have a go at Bounce’s Ninja Warrior obstacle course for some friendly competition with your partner. Bounce maintains a safe and hygienic space for their visitors by restricting their capacity as well as disinfecting their space every hour. Book a slot to ensure you get your bounce fix! 

    Where: Bounce

    Price: $25/hour