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World Kindness Day



Today is World Kindness Day. Kindness, by definition, is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.  We often overlook some simple acts of kindness done to us every day, like when someone holds the door open for you, let’s you merge in traffic, or offers you the notes for the day of class you missed.  Kindness is often the one trait in people we often overlook, and we often forget to pay forward to those who need their random act of kindness for the day.


Kindness done to another can boost someone’s entire day. When was the last time someone told you you looked nice today, and your heart warmed up for the rest of the day? When was the last time you offered to help a peer with a project they were confused on?


Being kind doesn’t mean you have to do some big display for someone, it can be little or big, depending on what is needed. It can be done by a stranger, your mom, your best friend, a professor, or a classmate. A simple smile hello is an act of kindness that could boost someone’s entire day.  So here is a list, of both small and big, acts of kindness you can do today!


  • Hold the door open for a stranger

  • Thank a janitor or other worker for their hard work on campus

  • Offer a classmate notes for the class they missed

  • Give someone a hug

  • Write a letter and send it to a friend far away

  • Call your mom or dad

  • Lend a hand to someone struggling to carry a package across campus

  • Buy someone a cup of coffee

  • Make a cold roommate a cup of hot Chocolate

  • Smile hello to someone you know in the hallway

  • Do something above and beyond at work

  • Compliment someone on how they look

  • Go to an event with a friend that they’re super excited about, even if you aren’t

  • Check in with loved ones

  • Remind someone that they’re needed


This is only a short list of things you can do today, and everyday, to be kind.  Being kind is something I, personally, strive for everyday.  You never know what a person is going through, and being kind to them can help them in ways you’ll never know.


So Happy World Kindness Day! Make today, and everyday, count.

Student at Manhattanville College, right outside of New York City! Editor at the Mville chapter I am majoring in Marketing and Communications with a minor in Sociology, and look forward to working either in the music business, or at a non-profit organization! I am an advocate for those who suffer from mental illness, such as anxiety, suicidal thoughts, depression, and self harm. I'm a crafter, dreamer, and traveler. I believe everyone has a story that's just waiting to be told..
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