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Why Lip Gallagher is the Favorite Gallagher

Shameless is a crazy, entertaining, addicting television show that airs on Showtime. We can all agree it is definitely a binge worthy show for your lazy weekends. Make sure to catch up before the new season airs!


Lip Gallagher is one of the main characters on the show and for those who watch it I think most would agree he is the favorite Gallagher for many reasons.

How he is low key super smart.

He isn’t into the whole schoolwork thing, which makes him the classic bad boy in the show, but once Mandy pushes him to go to college he shows us how he can work hard and be smarter than his professors at times.


He is always there for his family.

Lip is always the first to come up with solutions to any of the many Gallagher problems. Even when he is away at school he comes back to help as often as he can. Who can resist a guy who loves his family more than anything?


His looks.

Gorgeous hair. Gorgeous eyes. Bad boy effortless style. What more needs to be said?


His personality.

He never lets anyone else’s opinion get in the way of what he wants or how he acts.


The way he cares.

He is actually really caring under the whole “I don’t care attitude”. He may come off as a bad boy but if you think about he really gives great advice and helps many of the characters. He helps each girl he dates through all their insecurities and problems and leaves each one better off than before he was around if you think about it.


The list can be endless of why Lip Gallagher is the favorite but I’ll wrap it up here and we can see what new ones should be added as the new season airs.

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