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Ways to Prolong Your Tan


How can you keep your tan going once the summer ends and classes begin? Here are some of my tips to prolong your tan!

  1. Spend Time Outside

I know this may seem impossible with your busy schedules. Find any free time to spend outside. My favorite is to some of my homework out on the quad. Don’t forget the sunscreen though!!

2.  Moisturize

Keeping your skin moisturized is important. Dry skin will start to peel taking your tan with it! The best time to put lotion on is right after your shower.

3.  Drink water

Staying hydrated it always the best idea no matter what the goal is. Not only does it make your tan stay longer it will make you look and feel so some healthier!

4.  Exfoliate

So this is something you should do before you tan. But can also be done gently after. Exfoliating will get rid of any dry or dead skin allowing the healthy skin to get some color prolonging the length of time you’ll be tan!

5.  Wear white

This won’t make your tan last longer, but it will make you look tanner. White and other vibrant colors bring out the natural glow from your skin making you look healthy and tan.

Hi!! I'm Stacey! I'm a Senior at Manhattanville College! Class of 2016! I'm a Early Childhood Education and English Lit. major!! I'm the Secretary for Her Campus Mville.
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