Torrid: Plus Size Heaven


Growing up, I was always considered to be a “plus sized” girl. Now don’t get me wrong, being plus sized is not a bad thing by any means. However, when you spend your high school years as a 5’6 and size 16 girl it’s not always easy to stay positive. Trying to find clothes was an absolute nightmare and it always ended with me sticking to the same styles. It took me a very long time to embrace being plus sized and I believe a lot of it had to do with the fact that I could never find the right clothes to make me feel confident.

One day towards the end of my freshman year of college I stumbled across this store called Torrid. Well, ever since then everything began to change for me. I started to check out Torrid’s website and found beautiful clothes with styles I have always wanted to try but never thought they would look right on me. So, I gave it a try and ordered my very first outfit and immediately fell in love. Torrid’s styles are very flattering and help young plus sized women like myself find clothes that fit correctly and help keep up with the newest fashion trends all the while.

Torrid has an amazing collection for each season and so far, their summer collection gave me some of my best outfits. If I had to narrow down all of my purchases to my top two favorites they would be the dress I bought for my 19th birthday and a bikini I bought from there for my summer vacation. My dress helped make my birthday even more amazing (if possible) and it was a solid black with floral patterns off the shoulder dress with a fitted waistline that flared out on the bottom and it made me feel absolutely fantastic. My bikini was a high waist bottom and optional strapped top that had blue white and coral patterns on it, and let me say I never felt so confident in a bathing suit before.

This store has an amazing collection of clothing items that really makes you feel confident and gives you the pride in being a plus sized girl. I am so happy to have found this store. To all of my plus sized girls out there: we are beautiful no matter what the numbers say, and just think we now have another store to add to the growing list of plus size fashion! So ladies, when in doubt: take a moment and remember who you are and just how amazing you are…then head over to Torrid for a nice little shopping spree.