Top Beauty Gurus to Watch on YouTube

If you are one of those people who want to learn how to do makeup, but you have no idea where to start, start with YouTube. These Beauty/Makeup YouTubers will help you become a pro with makeup. Here are the top Beauty Gurus to subscribe to on YouTube.



My all-time favorite Jaclyn basically taught me how to do makeup. Her techniques are something that I use in my everyday makeup. She is the definition of HARD WORK and she is a huge inspiration to the makeup community.



MannyMUA is probably the most known man in the makeup industry. With his amazing humor and winged eyeliner skills, you are sure to learn a lot from watching him while also being entertained.



PURE TALENT! Desi is a makeup artist like no other. She is best known for her dewy golden bronzed skin and of course, her Halloween looks. She is one of a kind when it comes to Halloween makeup.



Look at those brows and highlight! Do I have to say more about the Queen herself, Nikkie? If you want to learn how to do the most amazing eyeshadow looks subscribe to Nikkie right now! She is most known for her viral video “The Power of Makeup” shutting down makeup shaming.



This southern bell from Alabama is always a favorite! One thing to learn from Laura is the perfect fake lashes. Her fake lashes are always dramatic yet beautiful! Subscribe to her channel before *snap snap* you leave *snap snap* SUBSCRIBEEE (only a true fan will know)



Tati is the most honest beauty guru out there. If you want the truth on a product go to her channel right away. She also puts the most expensive and cheapest makeup to the test. She is also hardworking and posts so much content.



Jackie is such talented makeup artist who as well is very honest. She makes amazing videos like recently “I Don’t See Color”. She is active in making conversation about diversity in the makeup industry. She creates great content and I highly recommend subscribing to her channel.