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Top 5 Halloween Treats



Happy (almost) Halloween, pumpkins! I love Halloween. It’s one of my favorite holidays and my favorite part about it is the candy. Halloween is the one holiday where you can dress up and eat as much candy as you want to, but I have some preferences when it comes to the candy. Here is a list of my top 10 Halloween treats:


1. Sour Patch Kids

These are my all-time favorites. If you’re a fan of a sweet and sour combination, you’d enjoy this treat.

2. Swedish Fish

I’ve been eating Swedish Fish since I was really young and I’ve never stopped liking them. They’re soft, chewy, and sweet treats! They’re fin-tastic to enjoy on a Halloween night!


3. Hershey’s Kisses

Want a kiss? I do! These treats are pretty much a Hershey Bar made into a different and smaller shape. They’re wrapped in aluminum foil and are a convenient size, which makes them more fun and easier to eat.

4. Starburst

These treats come in all different colors and flavors, but my favorites have to be the originals, which consist of red, pink, yellow, and orange. Starburst are tasty, fruit flavored taffy treats and are almost always enjoyable!

5. Crunch

Crunch isn’t just an ordinary milk chocolate bar; it’s, well, crunchy. This treat has rice crisps that’ll definitely satisfy taste buds.

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