Top 10 Gift Ideas for Your Bestie

A best friend is one of the most important people in one's life. We love them so much because they just get us and let’s face it, are exactly like us. Do you ever struggle with thinking of the perfect gift for your bestie? I know I do once in a while. So, let’s get started with the Top 10 Gifts for Your Bestie. 

1. A picture of you two 

· Now this is always a cute gift idea. You can put the picture in a really nice frame or make a collage of all of your pictures together. A picture is worth a thousand words! 

2. “Survival Kits” 

· Nothing says you love your bestiemore than making them a basket with all of their necessities. Add their favorite candies, hand lotions, body sprays, etc. Pretty much anything that is just so them. 

3. Matching bracelets/ Necklaces 

· It’s a little cheesy, but sometimes the perfect gift is one of those old school “best friends” pieces of jewelry where you each keep a half. 

4. Makeup 

· If your bestieis anything like mine, they absolutely love makeup! Get them that eyeshadow palette or that one lipstick they’ve been eyeing on one of your many shopping sprees. 

5. A gift card to their favorite store 

· I know you may think, “ugh boring!” because with a gift card there isn’t much to open. But trust me, that gift card will make them very happy, especially when they’ve been working hard to save up money to buy from their favorite store. 

6. Something involving their favorite color 

· I know this isn’t an actual gift idea but it really does come in handy to personalize their gift. By including their favorite color (or remembering to not include a color they hate) shows “aww you remember this about me!” 

7. Plan a day for just the two of you 

· Not all gifts need a price tag on them! Plan a day where you and your bestiedo your favorite things. You can go to the coffee shop you two love, or even just hang out and watch your favorite movies. 

8. A book 

· Don’t laugh, a book is a great gift! Especially if it’s one that makes you think of them or one by their favorite author. 

9. Something The joke 

· C’mon, you and your bestiehave that one joke that no one understands but the two of you! I know my bestieand I have at least 20 that only make sense to us. Take some time and figure out a gift to include The joke, they will absolutely love it. 

10. You! 

· That’s right, you are a gift to your bestiejust as they are to you. Always be there for them, take a minute out of your day to check in on them, and just be yourself. Friendship is the greatest gift after all 

So, there you have it, Top 10 Gifts for Your Bestie. Always remember, never stress! You already know everything about them after all.