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As the clocks turn back and we notice it getting darker earlier that means winter is approaching. By preparing for typical winter weather, meaning brutal cold temperatures and seasonal snow, we tend to see more dull colors come out and we lose our sense of style. To avoid this, here is a guide of how to dress for winter given at an affordable price: 

1. A Flannel Shirt Jacket 

This is not only comfortable but trendy as well. These jackets are made in order to keep you warm, as they are a lot softer and thicker than a regular flannel. Get ready to purchase one of these jackets and show off your new sense of style. 

Clothing Stores: Banana Republic, J.C. Penney, Sears, Patagonia. 

2. A Pair of Dark-Wash Jeans 

No closet is complete without a couple of pair of jeans. These dark-washed jeans can be paired with almost anything. Dark colors are said to keep you warm as they contain a heavier fabric that is hard to notice. 

Clothing Stores: Levi’s, Macy’s, American Eagle, Nordstrom 

3. A Puffer Vest 

A Vest can look good on top of almost everything. This will look sharp over a nice flannel or paired with dark-wash jeans. It will also keep you warm in cold weathers while adding a sense of style. 

Clothing Stores: Old Navy, Gap, Canada Goose, J.Crew. 

4. Combat Boots 

Combat boots are usually worn throughout the wintertime, as it comes in handy with snow and cold weathers. If you are looking for ways to be careful while stepping outside, purchase a pair of these boots. They are made to store in heat and you can find them in many different styles and colors. 

Clothing Sites: Payless, DSW, Macy’s 

5. A Wool Beanie 

We always see at least someone wearing a beanie during the holidays. It is important to protect yourself from cold weathers, as these stylish hats come in endless colors and styles that will keep your upper body warm. 

Clothing Stores: Uniqlo, Hot Topic, Walmart 

6. A Pair of Tech-Friendly Gloves 

If you are one of those people who are constantly glued to their phones, grab a pair of tech-friendly gloves. These make it possible to make phone calls and text, while still keeping your fingers and hands remaining warm. They are not only user-friendly but practical and stylish as well. 

Clothing Stores: Nordstrom, Zappos, Macy’s 

7. A Pair of Festive Socks 

These stylish socks are not only comfortable, but they make every occasion look fun. They are made to store in heat, keeping your lower body warm. They can also be paired with almost any outfit to brighten up a look. 

Clothing Stores: Dollar Tree, Target, Kohl’s

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