Think Pink

October is known to many as a month of fun filled activities centered around pumpkin and apple picking, the true feelings of Fall, Halloween, the list goes on and on. However, there are times we don’t realize that during October, the main thing to do is Think Pink. No, not because of Mean Girls (although it’s true, on Wednesdays we wear pink), but in fact, pink is the color for Breast Cancer Awareness. Unfortunately, so many people have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer over the years, it's scary. Many of them you may know, either family members, friends, distant acquaintances; we have all had the displeasure of dealing with such a monster known as Breast Cancer. If you’ve by some miracle never had interaction with hearing of someone being diagnosed, you have most definitely encountered a pink ribbon in your life. Pink is a bright color, it is fierce and noticeable in a flash, just like Breast Cancer fighters, this color will be heard. Pink is the color for fighting and passion in the month of October and all year round. It’s the color that shows that no matter what, so many people are united in a sea of pink, fighting to find the cure for Breast Cancer. From a little girl, I’ve always had some item of pink on me, especially a breast cancer ribbon pin worn on my jacket. I’ve been to many Breast Cancer walks in my life, both in New York City and at Manhattanville College, for my aunt who is 18 years a Breast Cancer survivor. Think Pink means so much more than wearing a little something that’s pink, because although that holds a lot of meaning, there is so much more to be done. Attending Breast Cancer walks and other events through the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer (from the American Cancer Society) and the Susan G Komen Foundation will help the world grow closer to a day where we will not have to fear the threat of Breast Cancer. Fundraising, creating teams for the walks, and even just offering love, care, and support to those you know who have breast cancer are ways to truly Think Pink. Remember, October isn’t only about small things, it involves being enlightened, and ready to fight to continue spreading awareness about breast cancer. So, my friends, please remember to Think Pink.

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   —Always make sure to keep up to date with your doctors, a simple checkup can save your life