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Things to Do Over Spring Break


5 most common things for people to do during Spring Break


  1. Travel: Many people like to travel for Spring Break. Whether it be somewhere in the United States or outside of the country, it is a great opportunity to travel the world.

  1. Stay Home: Some people like to just relax at home during their break. There is nothing better than just being home, laying on the couch and watching Netflix all day long.

  1. See Old Friends: During break is a time when we can go home and catch up with our friends from high school. Whether it be going to lunch/dinner or just hanging out at someone’s house, it’s always nice to see old friends during break.

  1. Work: When spring break comes around, most college students call up their bosses and ask to be put on the work schedule for the week to get some extra cash. It’s a good time to get some money in before going back to finish the semester.

  1. Doctor’s Visits: Physicals, shots, allergies, Some people use their spring break to catch up on doctor’s appointments so that they know they are all healthy for when they return to school.


No matter what you’re doing,  have a happy and safe Spring Break!

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