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Stranger Things Season 2 – Our New Top 4 Favorite Characters



If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting for season two of Stranger Things since Will was found back in 1983.  You may have been so enthusiastic for the season that you dressed up as Joyce for Halloween, and carried a pumpkin painted as the wall around with you all day. No? Just me?



Differences put aside, after season one everyone had their list of favorite characters, whose storylines you couldn’t wait to see expanded on. For me those people were Joyce, Mike, and Will. And while some of those players are still on my list, some newbies have joined after their plots got real, and truly introduced their personalities to us. So here are my top four favorite characters from Stranger Things after watching Season 2!  


**Spoilers ahead! You’ve been warned!**



I have loved Joyce since Season one, but there’s just something about a mother who doesn’t take crap from the government that you can’t help but not love. At the start of season two, Joyce has found love with Bob, and she has her boys with her. You can’t help but love Joyce’s overprotective nature (which has made some pretty funny memes on twitter, like this one.) Joyce always seems to have it together, while others think she’s losing. But the best part about Joyce, besides Winona, is that she never gives up on her son.  She knows Will is with her or trying to help, even when if it means talking to Christmas lights or trying to figure out what type of giant, elusive, map her son drew.  Don’t even get me started about when Joyce threatens to beat up the kids bullying Will, which leads her to discovering the shadow of the monster on the tape! Even when Joyce loses  Bob, and all seems lost, she powers through to save Will. Overall, Joyce is the baddest bitch we know.




Who would’ve ever guessed Hopper was the overprotective parental unit that Eleven would need? Not me, that’s for sure. This season, Hopper stopped sleeping around, and focused on taking care of his adopted daughter. He created a new home for her, cooked for her, and tried his best to parent a child with psychic powers. All while trying to keep the town together, make sure Joyce and Will are being properly looked after, and keeping a deal with a secret government agency (Hawkins Lab) to keep everything illegal that may anger town folk on the hush.  Hopper’s sweeter side showed this season, when he cared for Eleven and gave her and Eggo Surprise to apologize for being late, and don’t you dare forget the Dancing Hopper Gif that led to a Twitter account dedicated to Hopper dancing to other songs.




Mike, much like Joyce, has been on my list since last season. Mike is dedicated, smart, and witty – making him a character most people like.  This season, Mike is in a bit of a funk after losing eleven, but showcases his dedication to his friend (and potential love interest) by calling her every night. Adding to his dedication as a friend, Mike stays by Will’s side all season – through his seizures, his flashes back to the upside down, and even when Will is a spy. In fact, it’s his idea to knock Will out to keep them from spying on him.  Mike’s dedication to his friends makes him a favorite character.  Mike also shows that it’s okay for boys to have emotions, breaking down when he sees Eleven and reminding Will that it’s okay to not be as happy as he thinks he should be. Mike reminds us to keep your friends close, that depression is real, and to think outside the box when solving problems, even if it’s a monster inside of your friend.





Steve was the true MVP of Stranger Things this season. After getting brutally broken up with by Nancy (bullshit, right?), getting bullied by Billy, and becoming mom of the year to Dustin – Steve really stepped it up this year. When Dustin asks for Steve’s help, he doesn’t hesitate to get his nail studded bat, create a bus hiding spot for him and the kids, and protect the youngins at any cost – including his own life. Of course, most of us thought Steve was going to disappear as soon as they took care of the Demidogs and Demogorgon, but he stuck around and helped Dustin go to the Snowball with the best hair.  Steve was the MVP also giving us the best memes




Overall, Season two let us see the sides of characters we wanted to see, and some that we weren’t expecting.  If your favorite character wasn’t on this list, this was just one viewers favorites, though they’re all pretty great.

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