Starbucks Grand Opening


by Francheska Kola

So the time has come… the moment all Manhattanville College students have been waiting for is finally upon us. We have been deprived of the sanctuary and comfort of the Pub for the last few months waiting to see the new furniture set up and the new Starbucks! Patiently waiting to have access to good coffee (no offense Chartwells, but you’re coffee isn’t up to par), this moment has come at the time we needed it most.

The beginning of November brings hope that Thanksgiving break is almost here but also that the end of the semester is near. Professors piling on work before the break and introducing final projects and final exam material. It is the beginning of the end and all anyone wants right now is a good cup of coffee to aid in the stress of wanting to be productive.

We went on opening day to find beautiful new furniture with charger ports (yay!!!!!), new tables and chairs, and of course, the lovely new Starbucks set up! So excited to finally have a space to convene with friends and classmates to talk, have great coffee, and relax!