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Senior Stories: Roselore Digital Media Star

Manhattanville College is known for some very specific majors such as their Digital Media Production major. Many students who like graphic design or some form of production lean towards this area of study. Roselore Marseille is one of the few students who picked this area of study. The Cambridge, Massachusetts native is now preparing to graduate in may with her BA in Digital Media Production. “I decided on this because I want to do graphic design and advertising after I graduate.” Roselore explained.

Since this field has been growing popular among the younger generation, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the competition. For Roselore, that is no problem. “I think I would stand out in my field just by being myeself.” She said. “I’m very unique and can connect with others easily and networking in this field is key.” Her connection with others can be seen from her involvement at Manhattanville. She’s apart of the Royalty Steppers and Vice President of the Catholic Student Association. “I joined the step team because I love to learn steps and perform with the team and I am a member of CSA because I am Catholic and I attend the masses here at Mville and wanted to be more involved.” She explained.

A lot of people have someone they look up to. Someone who is motivating and supprotive. “The people I look up to in my life are my mom and my sisters because they inspire me just by supporting me.” Roselore said. 

Every year you can learn a new life lesson especially when going through college. “A big life lesson that I learned here is that the answer will always be no if you don’t ask.” She said wisely. “Before I would be afraid to take chances because I didn’t want to get rejected, but it’s all in your head and the worst answer that you recieve is no.” 

Students come to Manhattanville for many reasons which makes each students experience unique. “I honestly chose Mville because they gave me the most money, but I’m happy I went here because a small school give you a lot of opportunities and you can really get to know your professors and possibly use them as a connection for jobs.” she said. Many students do find the faculty here at Manhattanville great for connections and real world advice.

As Roselore’s time wraps up at Manhattanville, what is something she’ll miss you may be wondering. “Something that I will miss from here is not having any responsibilities other than school and enjoying myself.” She said. That lead into the last question of advice she may have for college students. “My advice would be that college is the time to explore and figure out what you like, but when you find out what that is go all out and make sure you get the most out of it because these years go by fast.” 

If you catch Roselore stepping on the stage or in your next class, be sure to say hi before she grabs her degree in May.

Shanice Peters is a Senior at Manhattanville College. She is from Brooklyn, NY. She's a Creative Writing major with a minor in Marketing and Communications. In her free time she enjoys making YouTube videos about fashion and beauty, writing on her personal blog and watching Gossip Girl. She's excited to be the Campus Correspondent for Manhattanville and hopes to engage students in her last year.
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