Senior Spotlight: Harrison Platis


Harrison is a senior here at Mville from Staten Island, New York. Harrison enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing video games, especially Injustice 2, archery, and guitar. In high school he was influenced by two of his teachers because they helped him get out of his shell and turned him into the man he is today, as well as helping him decide his major her at Mville, Psychology.

When asked about why he chose Manhattanville and his major Harrison said, “I chose Mville for its size, I really enjoyed the idea of having a smaller school, I also enjoyed the campus itself. As for my major, I enjoyed psychology and solving people’s problems. With my group of friends, I have always been called the therapist.”

Harrison has been particularly influenced by a psychology professor here at Manhattanville, Professor Boa, for her upbeat energy and positive attitude. Besides video games, Harrison also likes to go out and party with his friends whether it be here at Manhattanville  or with friends that he has at SUNY Purchase. When being asked about after college Harrison told me, “I’m gonna take a break for about a year, find a job I enjoy and then apply for grad school.” Harrison told me that Mville has taught him how to be determined and strive for what he believes is right and to always be confident in himself and the work he puts in.