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Questions Fuller House Needs to Answer

Fuller House comes to Netflix on February 26th. Now if you are anything like me you have cleared your schedule for that day. The only thing you plan on doing on the 26th is watching Fuller House all day long. But there are a quiet a few questions that Full House left us all asking that Fuller House better answer or they may have a riot on their hands!! Here are some of the questions I feel Fuller House needs to answer ASAP!

What happened with DJ and Steve?

I mean come on! He shows up on the last episode of Full House and you think… OMG YESSS!! They are perfect for each other!

Do Steve and DJ get back together?

I know personally I will be very upset if they don’t! They just look so perfect together!!!!!!

Who is DJ’s husband/children’s father?

So we know he died, but who was he? Did she meet him at work? In college? What did he do? What happened to him?

Are Kimmy and Duane married?

They were also perfect for each other. Who else could deal with Kimmy’s weirdness besides someone that only said “Whatever”.

Is Duane the father of her child?

If he is where is he? If not who is and where are they?

Is Jesse a musical sensation?

The twins are older now so in all reality he could go for his dream now. There isn’t anyone stopping him.

Did Joey ever find anyone?

Joey always had the worst luck when it came to girls. He deserves to have found someone special.

What about Danny?

Did he find anyone that could replace Pam or Vicky? Maybe Vicky came back? He also deserves someone to spend the rest of his life with. He raised three girls, Jesse and Joey!!

What is Michelle doing in New York?

Since she won’t be in Fuller House, who will say all her catch-phrases?! “You got it DUDE!!” is very important to our lives!!!

Hi!! I'm Stacey! I'm a Senior at Manhattanville College! Class of 2016! I'm a Early Childhood Education and English Lit. major!! I'm the Secretary for Her Campus Mville.
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