The Pros and Cons of Social Media Breaks


Taking a break from social media is one of the best things you could possibly do for your mental health. It’s therapeutic and you will learn to appreciate life without it. I’ve decided to take a social media break for the entire month of February. Beginning on January 28th, I’ve decided that would only use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram twice a week. However, I completely deleted my Snapchat app. These four apps pretty much took control over my entire life and I needed to give them all a break, especially Snapchat. Streaks aren’t that important, right? There are a few pros and cons that I’ve noticed during my social media break, and it still isn’t over yet. Here they are:



Improved Relationships:

I’ve noticed my relationships with other people, for example, my friends and family were, and still are getting better. Since I’d always be glued to a phone, I wouldn’t get the chance to socialize with my friends or family in many social situations. Taking a break from social media helped a lot with this issue.


You’ll Enjoy Life a Bit More:

It feels amazing to not add anything to your Snapchat every five minutes. Enjoy life and appreciate it for what it really is!


It’ll Keep You Focused:

I would constantly check social media while studying. Before I knew it, it’d be past midnight. Being without social media is definitely going to help you stay focused on your studies.




I’ll admit that I’ve had times where I had wanted to re-download the Snapchat because I was dying to know what people were up to.


Missing Out:

You’ll feel like you’ve been missing out on a lot.


Overall, I would highly recommend taking a social media break! Social media can easily get overwhelming and sometimes you need a break. I promise that once the break is over, you’ll feel a lot more content.