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Imagine finding someone who treats you well, is handsome and has a lot going for him yetyou don’t feel the same way back. What started as just friends during the summer turned intosomething more. However it was going to come to an end as I was moving to another countryby the end of summer. Trying our best not to catch feelings or get attached was on both of ourminds. However spending most of summer together resulted in us catching feelings for eachother. We enjoyed our time together and didn’t want summer to end. I was treated so well byhim and it was frustrating to have to leave someone who finally treated me the way I wanted

to be treated. Spending more and more time with him made me not want to leave and to juststay and be with him. There was something about him that made me not want to leave.However it was unrealistic and I would’ve been an idiot for not taking the opportunity tostudy abroad. As our time together came to an end and I left for America, we started to driftapart. We’d occasionally talk here and then but what we had before wasn’t there. As I wentback home for Winter Break he told me he had something to tell me. Thinking about what itcould be he finally said he loved me. The feelings I had during summer had drifted as I foundmyself liking other guys while studying abroad. If it was summer again and he had said it Idefinitely would’ve felt the same but now things were too different. I was taken aback fromhearing the three words “I love you”. I was sitting there thinking wow here’s a really goodguy who treated me nothing but well and truly loves me so why don’t I feel the same wayback? Isn’t this what I’ve been looking for, what I’ve wanted? I kindly told him that Iappreciated him telling me that and how well he treated me over the summer but so much hadchanged and so had my feelings.

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