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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mville chapter.

On the first day, I walked in with butterflies in my stomach and a smile on my face. Once the students walked into the classroom at around 8:30 am I was immediately eager to get my day started.  Seeing there happy faces full of enthusiasm to learn made me feel a sense of calmness. After unpacking their backpacks full of snacks and homework we started our day. The kids come together and sat on the big rainbow colored carpet and we began our morning routine. The morning routine consists of good morning, weather patterns, and the countdown of the school days. Now the kids are ready to focus on the first lesson. We read and write about so many different topics, some of my favorites were animals and astronomy. Now it’s snack time, which I probably enjoyed more than the kids. After the hustle and bustle of opening fruits snacks and yogurts, it was time to crunch some numbers. I taught the students had to do various measurements and addition and subtraction equations. Math is always difficult to teach but luckily there are manipulatives for the students to use to help them get through the lesson. Right before lunch, we did some scholastic news where the students were really excited about reading new things regardless of the topic. Each scholastic goes along with what happening for that month. It is now 11:30am and its lunchtime, the kid’s were thrilled about lunch and recess, I personally saw it as a nice break from the kids! By this, my head hurt and I had to rush to the bathroom (sadly teachers don’t get bathroom breaks).  After lunch, the afternoon flew by fast due to the fact that it’s filled with the specials. The specials consist of music, library, PE, art, and computers… As the day comes to an end the children felt sad about having to leave. I always have to remind them that will be back and learning again the following day! If you haven’t guessed already I am a student teacher for a first grade classroom at the Park Ave elementary school in Port Chester. Being a teacher is one my favorites things to do. It feels great knowing that you’re helping out a student and watching their minds and body grow throughout the year.  I am looking forward to see how the rest of my teaching career will go and I am excited to have my own classroom one day!

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