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From Minnesota With Love: Abbie Parenteau

By Wasurut Vihokrut

For many, college is the place where we find ourselves. We all started college wanting to know what the world has to offer for us and vice versa. Many experience positive change in personalities, leading to success in life. What we understand to be happiness comes from years of discovering things that make us happy. For Abbie Parenteau ’17, those things are philosophy and creative writing. What you may not expect is that Abbie was raised in a hunting family in Cloquet, Minnesota. To me, philosophy and backwoods hunting are not exactly a common pair out there in society.

Abbie moved to New York in order to pursue higher education. She came with a big smile and an attitude of a go-getter. Throughout her years here, she made many friends through the activities that she does. Abbie is the vice president of the philosophy club, national high school ethics bowl regional coordinator and a part time DJ radio host here at Manhattanville College. Abbie also does poetry, yoga, writing and hiking. Anyone who has met Abbie can confidently say that she is the friendliest, most adorable and kind person on campus.

Abbie did not get this reputation for nothing. Ever since she was in Minnesota, she had the chance to be among the nature and people who cared for her. Naturally, she adopted those traits of caring and being an adventurer, leading the decision to come to New York to study. She admitted that “I love home, but some people can be closed minded at times. I decided to come to New York because, believe it or not, I related to here more, the open minded people.”

Abbie enjoys learning new things and challenging herself so that she can grow as a person. One thing that surprised Abbie the most about Manhattanville College is the diversity. Back in Minnesota, there were only people who looked like her, but here at Manhattanville she can find just about any characters from all over the globe. “It is a blessing to be in this type of environment. I have the chance to learn about others and myself by relating to those who are different.”

When asked how it is to be a female on campus, Abbie said “There is definitely a difference between Mville and home. Females in Minnesota are expected to assume the role of supporting the men. But, over here in New York, especially Manhattanville College, girls are told they can be anything they put their mind to.”

Throughout her journey, the most important lesson that she learned is to be true to yourself. One life philosophy that she holds is to live life by an accordance of belief. If every cell in your body is telling you to be who you are, then do just that. College is a place where we explore every possibility, learn from it and follow what most resonates to ourselves. By the way, Abbie hates hunting. 

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