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Love Triangles in Grey’s Anatomy


Let’s Talk Grey’s Anatomy Love Triangles! As much as Shonda Rimes loves to kill off our favorite characters, she also loves to put our favorites in lots of love triangles (before she kills them off)! With the list of love triangles that can go on for days here are my favorites of them!

Any Love Triangle containing Derek and Meredith!

I think we can all agree that Derek and Meredith’s relationship went through a lot before the got married! First of all you had Addison showing up in Seattle throwing their relationship into a triangle. Then when Meredith tells Derek to “Pick ME Choose ME Love ME” he chooses Addison to which we were all heartbroken over. To add to that Finn shows up and makes the triangle a square, but I think we all know what happens at “Prom”! Meredith and Derek break things off with Addison and Finn to be with each other, only to break up again. Which is where Rose waltzes in. When Meredith comes to her senses and builds the house of candles, they finally together! Until Shonda tears them apart by killing Derek on a beautiful day!!!!!!!! We will never get of this!!!

The Jackson/April Triangles

Despite being together for only a few seasons, these two have gone through a few triangles themselves. To start after they first break up Jackson and Stephanie start dating and April starts dating Matthew the EMT. They find themselves in the middle of a square! Jackson ends up breaking up with Stephanie at April’s wedding to Matthew by breaking her and Matthew up only to then get married, talk about having a crazy wedding day. In the most recent episodes, once again the two of them find themselves in a love triangle. Now divorced April tells Maggie Jackson likes her. Now we all know Jackson and April still have feeling for each other. I think that if the pass can teach us anything is that Maggie will be the one getting hurt because like Meredith and Derek April and Jackson are made for each other.

The Lexie/Mark Triangles

I think we can all agree that Shonda never lets a Grey have a boring life, and from the moment Derek and Meredith planted the seed of Lexie and himself to Mark we all knew they were perfect for each other. All their sneaking around finally led to a real relationship only for them to break up. Then Lexie gets with Alex, creating the Lexie/Mark/Alex triangle. When Lexie and Alex break up after the shooting, Mark picks up Lexie’s pieces but it isn’t enough. Mark starts dating someone from a rival hospital and Lexie dates Jackson. Yet again Shonda creates not only a triangle, but a square. As we all know too well Shonda killed Mark and Lexie off before they could live their happy lives together. (Shonda you have to stop killing our favorite couples we need some kind of hope!!!)

The Owen Triangles

Owen seems to be at the center for a lot of debate when it comes to love triangles. Teddy is Owen’s best friend but they are really sooo much more. More than once they have gotten together, creating triangles in the process. The first is Owen, Cristina, and Teddy. At one point Cristina even tells Teddy that she can have Owen. In the end Cristina gets Owen, until they break up, and Teddy leaves. The next time we see Teddy and Owen, Owen is married to Amelia. Amelia, just like Cristina, tells Owen to go be with Teddy. Creating another triangle, which is where we leave them, for the time being. Owen stays with Amelia because she has a tumor. We’ll see what happens.

Bonus Triangle

One of my favorite love triangles shown on Grey’s Anatomy is the one between Teddy, Henry, and the Trauma Counselor, Andrew Perkins. This relationship was so weird but I loved it. Teddy married Henry because he needed health insurance. Their relationship budded from there. Then the shooting happened and Andrew came in. Teddy and him had a causal relationship all while she was married to Henry. Which made quite the awkward situation when the two met. It ends with Andrew leaving and Teddy and Henry really being a married couple until he dies. (Shonda really needs to stop killing the best characters!!)

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