How to Survive Halloween with Her Campus

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.


Halloween is right around the corner, and some of us are freaking out on how to keep it all together along with classes, work, internships, and making sure we get enough sleep. Luckily Her Campus, and our AMAZING sponsors, have got us covered. Here’s how we're using our Survival Kits to survive Halloween!


Aeropostale Accessories

Our Aeropostale accessories are great ways to add some last minute spice to your Halloween costume! The sunglasses can help pull off a last minute Audrey Hepburn, Baywatch Lifeguard, or even the cool guys sunglass emoji! The chokers are the purfect way to dress up a cat, witch, or vampire look. And the rings and earrings are always great for the last minute details your costumes need to truly glow.



Bed Head Hair Spray

Trying to get your fishtail braid to stay put for the entire night? Or trying to get the Cinderella bun to stay still so you can dance the night away at this years hit party? Bed Head’s got you covered! Their different hair sprays are a great way to keep your hair looking great while making sure you can live your Halloween the way you want, and still look great.



L’oreal Self Tanning Towelettes and Spray

Trying to be a mermaid, but lost your summer tan? L’oreal has you covered! Their self-tanning towelettes and misting spray will give you a nice even coverage to be the perfectly tan mermaid we all know you can be.  Not to mention there’s no pesky tan-lines or having to deal with the negative health side effects of a tanning salon.



Hi-Chew Candy

One of the hardest parts of Halloween is saving the chocolate you got on sale for your trick-or-treaters and not eating it yourself. Whenever you think you’re going to go for the chocolate goods, grab a Hi-Chew! The sweet taste of a Hi-Chew will keep your mind more than off of the chocolate because now you’ll be craving another Hi-Chew!  And on Halloween, if you run out of chocolate, the Hi-Chew’s will still make the kiddies happy!



Erin Condren Planner

Come the last two weeks of October, you’ll have at least six different events you want to go to between parties, costume contests, haunted houses, hayrides, and other typical Halloween activities.  Erin Condren planners are the perfect way to keep your Halloween activities from getting double-booked, and it’ll keep you on pace to have your homework done and your shift at work covered so you can attend this year’s hit party.




The Steripod is the best for traveling, especially for the hit Halloween party you’re going to in the city this year, that you’ll be spending the night for. For any overnight party you might be attending, make sure to bring your Steripod and toothbrush. The Steripod is a cover for the top of your brush, that clips on and off easily and won’t slip out of place. Not only does it keep your toothbrush clean, but it has thymol inside of the covering to help keep your toothbrush minty fresh every time you remove it from the Steripod.



Spindrift Sparkling Water

The day after Halloween you’re usually struggling through a sugar coma, but Spindrift Sparkling water is a great way to recover. Spindrift comes in seven different flavors, and are unsweetened. Pop the can, throw in a straw and sit back and relax. Not only is it sugar free, but it’s made with real squeezed fruits! Spindrift = sparkling water + real fruit. Yup, that’s it.



Freeman Beauty Face Masks

Not only is your body in need of recovery, but so will your skin, specifically on your face! The makeup usually used for Halloween is oil based, and will easily clog up your pores! The day after, or even that night if you aren’t too tired, throw on a Freeman’s Beauty Face mask.  With three different types to choose from, perfect for all skin types, you’ll have your face feeling fresh, clean, and new in no time!