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How To Stay Motivated After Spring Break

Whether you traveled, or will travel, to a tropical paradise for spring break or just decided to kick it at home relaxing for the week, there’s no doubt that all of us will at some point after the break feel no motivation to keep pushing through the semester.


You’re not going to want to go to your morning class the Monday back, and you’re not going to study as well as you should for that test a week after break. Sadly, spring break isn’t extended through the semester, and you have to find a way to get right back on the grind so that you finish the semester off with good grades.


Something that I find often helps me stay motivated is making a plan! When I know I’m on a time crunch or I need to prioritize assignments and studying, I make a plan of what needs to get done when and remind myself of the consequences if I don’t stick to that plan.


We know how much professors love to give us work and tests to study for as soon as we are back from break, so it’s beneficial to map out when you have to finish an assignment and when you can fit in time to study for that test. Remember your GPA needs your help and that it will not stay up on its own!


Procrastination is key to not falling behind in your studies after spring break. You had all of spring break to relax, now it’s time to kick it into high gear for the last few weeks of the semester! Leaving all your work to the last minute will only severely stress you out, so I suggest starting an assignment or studying for a test the day it’s assigned to you. Even if you only do a little bit, it’s less you have to do later. As we all know, procrastination is a killer in college, and it will only make you do worse when you’re trying to finish off the semester with decent grades.


Lastly, don’t forget to give yourself a little free time here and there. This doesn’t mean spending the weekend drinking with the girls or putting off an assignment on a school night to binge watch your favorite show. This means taking breaks every now and then because your brain simply cannot function every second of every day on high speed.


Your brain and your body need rest! Don’t burn yourself out trying to cram or get all of your work done. As long as you space out and manage when to do what, you will be fine. Spring Break is a killer to our motivation, but it also is the halfway point of the semester, so go out with a bang! Your GPA will thank you for it!

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