How To Have a Cute Friendsgiving



It’s that time of year again! Friendsgiving! Yup, not Thanksgiving, that’s for the family. If you never heard of Friendsgiving, it’s a gathering with your closest friends around Thanksgiving time. Everyone gets really dressed up and brings their own dish to have a cute night in eating, laughing and being thankful for your friendships. Here are some cute ideas on how to have the most memorable friendsgiving.

  1. Put easy dishes to make in a hat and have everyone pick one so there are no duplicates. Not everyone can bring cookies and napkins!

  1. Break out your cutest sweater outfit with some heeled booties.

  1. Go to Party City to get cute decorations for the evening.

  1. Bring card games! Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples, Drunk Stoned or Stupid, That’s What She Said ETC. They are always big hits at parties and memories will be made after just one game.

  1. Have everyone say why they are thankful to the person to their left or right! This could either be emotional or extremely funny! Completely depends on your friend group.

  1. Take as many pictures as you can and make a scrapbook after! If your friend group has an annual friendsgiving imagine how many scrapbooks and memories you have to look back on!

I hope you all have fun planning and going to your own friendsgiving. It’s time to celebrate your love for eachother. Don’t forget to be super thankful for your friends and never forget that they are always there for you. Thanksgiving is a perfect time to do just that, Happy Friendsgiving!