How The Back to School Survival Kit Saved Blair Waldorf

Hello Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl Here. It has been rumored that the Her Campus Manhattanville team has received their Back to School Survival Kit and has been raving about all the amazing products. They realized fellow New Yorker Blair Waldorf could've used a little help with the products in some of her stickiest situations.


  1. After all the smooching B has done with Chuck, it’s no wonder why Palmers Cocoa was much needed.

  2. Did someone say Chipotle? It’s a lot better than guys and macarons combined!

  3. Had a bad hair day B? Tresemme certainly has you covered. A quick spritz and a headband later, you’ll be ready to take your throne.

  4. We all know any Waldorf has to have impeccable style and having an MZ Wallace purse is a necessity.

  5. This New York weather is bound to make anyone sick. Cheer up B, have a Cold-EEZE.

  6. Can you say eyeshadow on fleek? Blair's eyeshadow game is always on point and we all know the secret to her look is the the NYC New York Color eyeshadow.

  7. Blair always embraces her artistic side and having a few Martha Stewart craft supplies will certainly help.

  8. With all the stress B goes through, it’s no wonder why she looks tired at times. 5 Hour Energy will certainly give her the boost she needs.

  9. Enjoying your latest latte Ms. Waldorf? Perhaps you need a bit of Zing to sweeten it up. We all know every bitter girl needs a little sweet.

  10. We all know you love showing Her Campus Pride, B. We’re pretty sure you ran the chapter at NYU and Columbia back in the day. A HCXO Pennant will certainly help spice up your room.

Let us remember to give back to those less fortunate. Queen B may have it all together, but she couldn’t have done it without the help of the Her Campus Back to School Survival Kit. There's a Manhattanville saying "That to the valiant at heart, nothing is impossible." and we believe that if Blair Waldorf can survive off this Survival Kit, then any valiant can too. That’s all for now Upper East Siders. You know you love me, XOXO Gossip Girl.