The Hottest Celebrity Interviews?

When you go onto YouTube do you look up the recent interviews for your favorite celebrities? Well,the First We Feast brings a different flavor to celebrity interviews. On YouTube, First We Feast has a show called Hot Ones. Hot Ones features a variety of celebrities from music, tv, and sports to sit down with their host, Sean Evans. Sean asks them 10 questions while also eating hot wings with 10 different sauces ranging in heat. The celebrities have the option to stop the interview at any time if they feel that they cannot handle the spice of the sauces. Stopping the interview however puts them in the Hall of Shame and cut time on what they call the “plug.” The plug is when, if completed all 10 wings and 10 questions, you get 30 seconds of uninterrupted time to talk about upcoming projects.

I have watched countless numbers of episodes of Hot Ones and find the show to be very intriguing and entertaining every time. Watching Sean with his guests go through the changes in the sauces, you find that each celebrity has a different expression as the heat increases. One celebrity that I watched that stopped eating the wings was DJ Khaled. DJ Khaled only survived 3 wings, which were the least spicy on the scale, before giving up. I found it to be hilarious that he could not complete the challenge, however if it were me, I would not have even survived the first one.

For those of you who like celebrity interviews, hot wings and watching their mouths go into shock, then this show is definitely for you. Check out Hot Ones on the YouTube channel First We Feast to check all their interviews out.