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On the 20th of October 2018, Her Campus held their annual college fashion week in Brooklyn. It was an exclusive glamourous event for fashionistas all around the country. There were small rooms at the event where you could take pictures and style yourself. There were so many photo opportunities as everywhere you looked you wanted to take a picture with it. There were free goodie bags given out and best of all an open DIY bar. The goodie bags came with many treats inside for every kind of use literally any kind. Her Campus added a *poop spray* in the goodie bag which you never know might come in handy. They really thought of everything. There were stations where you could get your hair styled and makeup done by professionals so everyone was looking even more glam than when they first walked in. It was refreshing to see everyone complimenting each other and seeing all fashionistas come together.

The show began soon into the night and we got a sneak peek into the infamous brand “Primark’s” Autumn/Winter collection. They were all styled so fashionably that it made you want every single piece the model was wearing. The models were her campus devoted writers which I don’t think there’s a better idea to represent her campus. All the looks from the show were affordable, stylish and cute. I personally loved how the models were all different shapes and sizes and how some of the looks wore worn by two different models with different body shapes. It was nice to see that you didn’t need to be a particular size to wear it and it suited any body shape. After the three rounds, everyone got loose and started dancing which was probably my favorite part of the night. Girls who didn’t even know each other were dancing and laughing together. It was nice to see strong girl power being represented and girls supporting each other. All in all, it was a great night and her campus did a phenomenal job hosting it. Until next year!




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