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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mville chapter.

A lot of people have college roommate horror stories and you never think they will happen. Oh trust me, they do and this one involves shit. Let me take you on a journey with me…

So I got lucky enough to get a single in a suite. In my suite, we have three singles and a double room. All the girls are very sweet and nice ladies. Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t bad people in the slightest. Apparently, some people are just not the cleanest.  

My struggles started when I got a text message in my suite group chat. One of my suitemates had found that someone had shit on the bathroom floor. All I could think was “WHAT??” How is this possible you may ask? I have ZERO idea. It was behind the toilet itself. I’m not sure how it’s physically possible to miss a toilet that much. The only possible way I could think is shitting in your hand and placing it there. I’m baffled and my next thought is “oh so that’s the smell before I left.”

But it doesn’t stop there…  

Everyone apologizes, no one comes forward, and my poor suitemate cleans it up. At this point, I’m hyper-aware of everyone’s actions. It so happens to be my cleaning week, so I’m shook. I go about my week and dread cleaning day. I find a lew of enraging things. Vomit in a sink drain, hair clogging the shower drain, fruits flies in the trash from old food, chunks of food and sauce stuck to the floor. It took so long to get the stains and chucks out but they gave me a clue. It trailed from the bathroom, to the living room, to the suspected person in question’s doorway. I sent an angered message to my suite, and go about my weekend.  

Then, two days after my cleaning, I find shit. Imagine having a long day and stressful day, going to your suite for the first time at 8 pm to find shit in your toilet. Not only did this person not flush, but it smelled and looked disgusting. I had to scrub the bowl because some was stuck! There was even a bit on the seat. I angrily sent a photo to my group chat and let it be.  

Now I am tired of walking into my suite and it smelling gross. I am paranoid. For now, we’ll invest in air fresheners and continue on our suite lowkey investigation to find this person. Third strike, I’m moving out. So ladies, please take care of your shit.

Thank you.  

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