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The Grunge Era, also known as “the Seattle Sound” formed in the mid-1980s but skyrocketed to fame with the legends of Grunge Nirvana and Soundgarden bringing songs like “Smells like Teen Spirit and Black Hole Sun” to the mainstream Media. (Remember when MTV just aired music videos lol omg). The early movements of the Grunge era began with Seattle, Washington’s independent record label Sub Pop records producing the sounds of bands who had this particular sound that fused elements of punk rock, heavy metal, and indie bands such as Sonic Youth. Although critics will say lyrics of grunge artist are typically filled with angst, betrayal, social isolation… the list goes on but in reality grunge music just captured what Generation X was feeling at the time, which was mainly depression and anger seeing that they were the most depressed and addictive generation of all time. Not only did the grunge era just influence music but style was also big. Flannels, Doc Martens, Ripped Jeans are all just a few clothing items that the grunge era brought to the scene, grunge style meant being free and rebelling against what seemed like the norm at the time. Alcohol and drugs were also a major part of the grunge era, the abuse of drugs felt to many this would be the only escape in which they had in order to be free of their problems. The beauty behind the Grunge Era, in this case, is left for interpretation, in my eyes I see the works of Kurt Cobain and the riot grrrl movement (feminist movement inspired by punk rock and grunge, beginning with the works of bikini kill and the AMAZING KATHLEEN HANNA) grunge gave the teens of the 90s a voice, a voice in which was silenced by their government, in a time where everyone felt so sad, this style was their method and outlet of expression in being oppressed. Despite the 90s decline in the economy, high rates in crime, and a major percentage of drug abuse overdoses grunge music connected people through art, music, and fashion, the grunge movement will always have that mysterious beauty that brought the sad and oppressed together…. to really turn things up. Until then in which we get our own sort of grunge-era a bit more closer to home, come as you are.

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