Great Alternative Bands You've Probably Never Heard Of

Spotify is my go-to when it comes to discovering new music. I came across these bands while exploring Spotify, who I now consistently listen to. These are amazing alternative bands that no one really knows about and deserve a bigger following. I would highly recommend giving these bands a listen if you’re into Alternative/Indie Pop music!


Bombay Bicycle Club

This band is currently inactive, but their music is still great to listen to. Their most recent album was released in February 2014. This band knows how to make catchy songs and most of them are super upbeat. Their song “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep” always get me in a pumped up mood.



Smallpools is as US-based Indie pop group. Their music is very “chill” and great to listen to on long car rides with friends. Songs that I would recommend are “Mason Jar” and “No Story Time.”


The Mowgli’s

Like Smallpools, The Mowgli’s give off a very chill yet friendly vibe which makes them fun to listen to. Their most recent album was released in September 2016. A song that I would recommend is “San Francisco.”


Matt and Kim

Matt and Kim are an Alternative/Indie duo who make awesome music! Their songs are bound to put you into a happy mood. One of my favorites is “Daylight.”



MGMT’s music is definitely more on the electronic side. However, they are still considered an Alternative/Indie Pop group. With their techno beats and catchy lyrics, they are not hard to dislike. I would highly recommend their songs “Kids” and “Electric Feel.”