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The Gallagher’s rated from Favorites to Hated

Shameless is a television show about the 6 Gallagher children Fiona, Phillip “Lip”, Ian, Debbie, Carl and Liam trying to make it through everyday life while their father, Frank, is an alcoholic who always needs money to keep his addiction going. While binging this show spring semester last year I took a liking to this family and their story. This article will be a list of my favorite Gallagher’s from least to top favorite. (Note this is an opinion piece and everyone has a different opinion).


Least favorite Gallagher: Liam Gallagher

I say that Liam is my least favorite Gallagher because  he is only a young child in the show his own plotline and story has not been really developed yet. Yes, he did have the part in season 4 when he snorts cocaine and almost died, but himself has a character has not developed enough compared to the other Gallagher’s. I’m sure as he grows up he will have more of a story to tell  and more lines.

Second least favorite Gallagher: Debbie Gallagher

Debbie is one of those characters that didn’t have much of a story until  her character grew up. However, I personally feel that the character of Debbie is being portrayed in a way that can be unpleasing to the audience. Yes, she did rape Matty in season 5 and got pregnant in season 5 and had her baby in season 6, but other than that Debbie isn’t as appealing or as interesting as the other Gallagher’s.

Third Least Favorite: Carl Gallagher

Carl is one of those characters that has an interesting plotline, but like Debbie didn’t happen until he got older. Carl had many different stories throughout the show thus far. Like in season 5 when Carl gets sent to juvenile detention for drugs and in season 4 when he begins his sexual experiences at a younger age compared to Debbie. Since Carl was sent away to juvenile detention for a while, and later decided to go to military school, he isn’t seen on the show.But let’s not forget the young Carl that was making things explode and attacking his classmates at school.

Fourth least Favorite: Frank Gallagher

Now I know what you’re thinking, why am I putting Frank as number 4? To be completely honest even though his plotline and story is probably the most relatable to the viewers, with his alcohol addiction and liver cancer diagnosis in season 4,  I  consider Frank’s character just not that appealing to watch. His character is rude and manipulative which I can only assume is what the writers of this show were aiming for. However, for the story to continue without Frank Gallagher would decrease the shows viewings because viewers want to see what Frank is going to do next, including myself.

Third Favorite: Phillip “Lip” Gallagher

Lip is one of those characters that every girl loves. He is the genius in his family and is slowly starting to take more opportunities and control in his family. Lip is becoming the ‘man of the house’ like he was always meant to be. This character to me is very vital to the plotline with this family because he goes to college in season 4, which no one else in the Gallagher family has done. He also provides one of the most incomes to his family, like in the earlier seasons when he sold weed out of an ice cream truck with Kevin. Lip is an all-around interesting character that no one would want to see leave the show.

Second Favorite: Ian Gallagher

Ian Gallagher has such a big storyline to himself. When we first meet Ian, we can only identify him as a homosexual boy who has sex with the older man for who he works for and who has hopes of being in the service. He enlist in the Army as Lip in season 3 and when season 4 begins we find that left without permission, he destroyed a helicopter and began a life as a male dancer in a gay bar. In Season 5 he is diagnosed with Bipolar disorder like his mother Monica, which leads to him running away with Monica after being released from prison and put in Monica’s care. Throughout the rest of the seasons you see him struggle to accept this and learn to deal with it. Ian also found love with Mickey, one of the relationships that we all secretly hoped would last. Ian in general is a very relatable character in many forms for many different viewers that watch the show.

Favorite: Fiona Gallagher

Now I know many would say that Fiona is not their number one favorite, I believe her character is very well written. She goes through so much with this show and like her siblings we see her grow up as well. In the beginning, we see Fiona just trying to parent her siblings and try to get rid of her dead-beat father. Fiona has found love and has also lost love. Fiona has tried to work several minimum wage jobs to help keep up with paying for the house and everyone in it. Fiona tries to take her GED in season 2 so she can convince Lip to go to college. Fiona’s character story has the kitchen sink wrapped into it. She is a big character in this show, she is relatable and to me one of the most interesting characters in the show.



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