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What does that even mean? It is the feeling of being in the middle of the ocean alone. Not knowing what to think, feel, to look for, and want to hold on to. It is like not knowing the reason why you like that taste of something strange like putting sprinkles in your bowl of cereal. It may taste good to you but to everybody else, it’s the weirdest thing. You have no way to explain why you like it and how you came to like it but all you know you do. It is weird that so many people try to put a label on love and tell others the proper way to love. At the end of the day, there is no proper way to love. The strong feeling of when you know you know. There is no explanation, you can ask yourself if you feel it in your head and the first thing that comes to mind is yes. For me, my way of knowing is when you are catching yourself smiling, and you have been smiling for a while. Being able to just feel relaxed and comfortable in the feeling of just loving. The feeling of when you are sick and your mother aids you. Or when you come home from a long day and get to watch the TV show that takes you out of your own world and just be lost. That is what it feels like to love. There comes a time when the love ends. There are many ways to handle it anger, sadness, and depression. But not a lot of people choose the option of just taking a step back and realizing what you just went through. The beautiful moment you have spent, the midnight conversation, the late night walks, the hours on top of hours of tv and naps you have spent together. After the breakups, people tend to forget all about that and only focus on the hurt that was there and not the overall growth and journey that you have just gone through. Overall this is love and it is better to have gone through it and risk yourself getting hurt than playing it safe so you can prevent yourself from experiencing that hurt.

Because love is priceless and love is worth it. 

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