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In Ireland Thanksgiving is not celebrated so you could say I was so excited to experience my first American thanksgiving holiday. Not only was there no school, but it was going to be a nice break spent with family. I was being told of all the food I should expect and I couldn’t wait. I couldn’t wait to have homemade cooked food rather than having the same food from the cafeteria.

There was hype all around campus, people asking each other what their plans were and even organizing a friends giving. I had never heard of a “friends giving” before but the idea really appealed to me. Having a nice dinner with your close friends and just appreciating each other really did sounded really nice. The atmosphere coming up to me was unexplainable, everyone was excited to see their families and the dinner they were longing for. As I got ready to leave campus, it felt very strange. It was my first time leaving campus for a few days. Seeing how empty campus got as everyone had started leaving made me feel some type of way. It was like some sort of goodbye but not for long. As we drove off campus my anticipation for thanksgiving started to pick up.

I was going to be staying over in my room mates family’s home and I couldn’t wait to meet them. I was eager to learn more about the American tradition. It’s safe to say that it exceeded my expectations. Seeing so many family members all in one place, enjoying each other’s company and enjoying a meal together was heart warming. It did make me miss a little bit (not going to lie) and as I got closer to my friends grandmother I started to miss my own. However I was appreciating the experience and the time I got to spend with their family. I was welcomed with open arms and had felt at home. We spent the day exchanging stories and laughs.

When the food was ready, you didn’t hear much of stories as everyone was too busy eating. There was lots and lots of food and lots and lots of eating. I started to understand what people meant about how much you were going to eat on Thanksgiving. I did a lot of that and I sure did put on a few pounds. But it was worth it. The food was too good and I even got to cut a piece of the turkey (LOL). The dinner table was set with turkey, stuffing, vegetables, cornbread and lots more. The atmosphere was warm and friendly as we were all chatting away yet enjoying some really good food. After eating so much that I could burst, it was time for dessert. Yes, dessert. I couldn’t resist and ended up having a bit of chocolate cake, brownie and a cookie there was just so much. I was going to be full for days yet I also knew

I’d have to go to the gym after all the eating I did. All in all, my first American thanksgiving was everything I expected it to be, lots of food, lots of laughs and lots of love all around. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I’m eager to share my stories from it when I get back home.


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