Fashion On a Budget


Let’s be real, being in college and wanting to look fashionable is the real struggle. Everything is either too expensive, the tax and shipping is too expensive, or it isn't college appropriate, meaning, you'll either look like a thirty year old or a high schooler, there's no in between. I decided to put myself up to the challenge to find outfits that are 1) makes me look like I am in college and 2) ARE AFFORDABLE. I went to three online stores and got one - three things from each and my total was under $100! Here’s what I got:

  1. American Eagle- $39.95 on sale for $29.96

A light-weight sweater perfect for the fall going into winter. Has little cutouts on the collarbone to give it the dressed up feeling. Perfect with jeans and leggings!

  1. Charlotte Russe- $26.99

The PERFECT winter sweater! Thick and cozy with a caged cut out in the back. Pair it with high waisted jeans or leggings, throw boots on and you’re set to go!

  1. Old Navy- $19.99

Summery vibes tank top workout top with mesh side high waisted workout pants! Great to show off those flawless arm at the gym or around campus! Perfect with workout pants or leggings, pair it with your favorite pair of sneakers and have a casual day!