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Decoding the Dress Code

In this modern day we can find it hard to decipher the appropriate outfit for a night on the town. But at the bar, the dress code may not be as strict as one may think.  When we go out we find an array of personalities that are promoted through their personal style. 

Lumberjack Sexual

            The flannel shirt, the scruffy (impressive) beard, you may wonder how this lumberjack wandered out of the woods and ended up in the big old city. But he is nothing short of, a coffee shop drinking, skinny jean-wearing hipster. The rugged fashion trend may also be referred to as the “urban woodsman”. These city men maintain a shabby exterior style, mirroring that of a lumberjack.

The Eccentric

             If their outfits could talk they would be the life of the party. Bright colors, bizarre patterns, and fun accessories, these partygoers know how to grab the attention of the room. A playful style, which encompasses the inner child of miss-matching clothes arise to create an off the runway attire. This look may be mixed with a few old sweaters found in grandma’s closet or bold tights.

Gothic Chic

Black on black, a simple and classic way to embrace sophistication without, looking like you are trying to hard.  The mystery hidden behind these dark ladies leaves everyone questioning, “Who is that girl?” The flattering all black attire is a modern Audrey Hepburn. 

Suit and Tie

            Although Jay-z and Justin Timberlake may have popularized it, the suit and tie has always been the uniform for the successful man.  He migrates from the streets of Wall Street to the parties on the Upper East Side. But don’t be fooled this sleek and sexy man that dons this outfit is all business.

The Architect (The “Ted Mosby”)

            Usually you would find this type seated at the bar with a group of friends on a Friday night. He is the simple man, dark custom straight jeans and a button up shirt.  Not much of a socialite but will mingle with the best. You can spot him from afar with loafers and a sweater.

The Unpretentious    

            To them it is effortless.  These classic ladies stick to staple pieces that are ageless. Blazers, dress pants, and fitted tees, they’re closest filled with neutral colors and simple accessories.  Their feminine style is minimal as possible dawning nothing much but their own beauty. 


            A timeless outfit to any event, whether it is the little black dress or a chic peplum, a cocktail dress adds the perfect amount of flair to any event. Although these women follow the crowd their choice of cocktail style has a voice of it’s own.  With these cute dresses the ladies can be ready for a business causal event or night on the town. It is versatile yet original.

All photos courtsey of photo pin.


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