Andre Blue: An Artist Who Cares

Photo Courtsey of Andre Blue

Whether it’s Quad Jam, Fall Fest, The International Bazaar, or even a jam session in the Terminal Ten, Andre Blue is always present. Andre Blue, also known as Dre, has a burning passion for performing and will never pass up an opportunity to share his music with the Manhattanville Community. When Andre Blue has the microphone, you will know.

Born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut, Andre decided that Manhattanville College will be the best place for him to further his career. “You never really see artists coming from Hartford, so I want to be that guy. I constantly rep my city.. The 860.”

Here at Manhattanville, Andre is a sophomore and is majoring in Music Technology and thinking about minoring in Digital Media Production. Andre is a part of WMVL radio and has his own show called “The Wavy Hour” which is Fridays at 8pm. Andre is also a part of the Black Student Union and is partnered with We Own The Ville which is an independent project which focuses on exposes the talent here at Manhattanville. Andre has also performed at several events like Fall Fest to an unplugged open mic in the pub.

Andre wants to make an impact at Manhattanville College. “Here at Mville, I want to be remembered as a role model. I want to be that guy to remind people that they are here for a reason and that Mville can help mold and breed successful people.”

Another place you would most likely find Andre is in the recording studio on campus. I was lucky enough to be able to sit in on a session and grasp how Andre works. When Andre is in the studio, it is like he is a different world. It’s been about 15 minutes and Andrehas gotten  up from the computer into the booth and back to the computer about 30 times.

Outside of Manhattanville, Andre wants to make a difference in the world by lending a helping hand to everyone who needs it. “My goal is to connect with people on a personal level so they can always feel like someone is there for them and loves them no matter what.”

I got the chance to speak with Grant Pilson, who also works with Andre in the studio, and asked he what it is like working with Andre. “Andre is a great inspiring artist who makes great music. He is caring and down to earth. He gives 110% in everything and anything he puts his hands to.”

Andre has two mixtapes on Soundcloud called “Feel N’ Believe” and “The Wavy Tape Vol. 1” and is currently working on an EP called “Songs for You When I’m Not Here” which will be released on February 14th, 2016.

Andre Blue is talented, creative, dedicated, and humble. Don’t be surprised when he is on a Worldwide Tour and winning awards.