America’s Next Top Model: Tyra Casts a 42 year old Model

“I am rooting for you, we were all rooting for you” *Tyra Banks Voice*

As some of you may know America's Next Top Model has been the show for decades! Tyra has been running ANTM since 2003. The show started off as looking for the next big thing but as the show progressed, she added on plus-size models and then this season she broke the age limit. This season she has a mixture of plus size, petite, and surprisingly, a 42-year-old model! Erin Green is the oldest model in this cycle and in my opinion, slays more than the younger models.

So who is Erin Green, the 42-year old model?

Erin Green is first and foremost a stunning model. She looks ageless and in Tyra’s voice “stuck in time”. She is a wife, a mother of five and a grandmother of three! Erin explained that she always wanted to be a model and during the peak of her career, she decided to stop modeling to raise her beautiful children. With Tyra opening this door, she was able to achieve her dream of professional modeling. Also while being a model, Erin and her twin sister created a program that inspires young girls to have high self-esteem. They follow their dreams and most importantly stay true to themselves.

How did Tyra having an older model bring more depth to the show?

Tyra opening up her age bracket really enforced the idea that anyone can be a model. This generation has specifically accepted different body types and different looks but now, it is accepting the fact that age is just a number. Erin is the ideal image of someone who doesnt allow age to be a factor that stops her from achieving her dream of becoming the next big thing. This as a whole can help women feel much more comfortable with age and let them know that there are no longer limitations to following your dreams.