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If you are a big country fan just like I am, than you were just as excited to find out that Jessie James Decker was releasing a new album. If you are not a country fan, Jessie James Decker is a country singer and owner of a fashion line called Kittenish who is married to Eric Decker (swoon) Eric Decker just so happens to be the Wide Receiver for the Tennessee Titans. Jessie currently has 5 albums out and one being released very soon! On her Instagram account on Monday, September 11th, Jessie James Decker released the tracklist for her new album ‘Southern Girl City Lights’ Check it out here! If you are not a fan of country, I highly suggest listening to Jessie James Decker, she was the first country singer I ever listened to and I have been addicted ever since.

For three seasons now, Eric and Jessie have had a TV show on E! Called Eric and Jessie: Game On. The show gives you a behind the scenes look of their hectic life along with their two children, Vivi and Eric Jr. In this current season, we are going to be finding out that Eric was released from the New York Jets and later got picked up from the Tennessee Titans, get to see more of Jessie’s crazy yet hilarious family, and some behind the scenes looks of her clothing line ‘Kittenish.’  They show the reality of what is it like to be a family of someone who plays in the NFL. Get ready for all the craziness!

  Rebecca Bodtmann  Manhattanville College '19
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